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May 29 2017

Anthony Head's new show "Still Star-Crossed" premieres tonight on ABC at 10pm. Produced by Shondaland, he plays Lord Silvestro Capulet, in this period drama that picks up where Romeo and Juliet ends, charting the treachery, fight for power between the Montagues and Capulets in the wake of the young lovers' tragic fate.

The series is based on the book "Still Star-Crossed" by Melinda Taub.

I read two reviews, they were pretty harsh.
The premise would seem to suggest that the families learned nothing from the tragedy... which kinda diminishes the original source material in an unfortunate way.

ETA, having watched the first episode: I have no way of knowing whether this show is a faithful adaptation of the Taub book. I can say that the original R&J does not need this embellishment. But the production values for this show are astounding.

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I actually changed the channel for the last 10 minutes.
When you make the greatest, most tragic, love story in history
boring; well, you have truly accomplished something.
It was a setup ep. I'm intrigued enough to watch a second ep. I'm a sucker for Shonda/Shakespeare.
I'll give it a chance!

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