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June 02 2017

Joss Whedon calls Wonder Woman "a godddamn delight". It does look like a great movie.

It was wonderful. Pun intended.
LOL, I used the same pun on twitter yesterday morning. Couldn't agree more.
If you have to wait 50 years for a Wonder Woman movie, this is the movie to wait for. It brought tears to my eyes several times. What a wonderful, beautiful movie!
It was awesome -- seriously, if you want to see a great female-led superhero film, go see it.
Did God even bother to see the movie before damning it? That's what I want to know.
Uh, not that way. Joss is happy that WW came to life, even more than when she was in BvS. Mission accomplished.
The real test is next week when she battles a powerful mummy...who is a woman! Now that's progress.
From what I've read about it, I doubt I'd enjoy this movie. Nonetheless I'm interested in its performance at the box-office.
Wonder Woman was fantastic. We'll never know what Joss' film would've been like but I'm glad cause this one was a treasure!
Joss, you will always be an honorary woman.
So say we all!
There are a couple of brief moments that were almost exact replicas of moments in Buffy.
It's an excellent movie.
On the Mummy movie, I wouldn't be bothered if she beat Tom Cruise.
@Nebula1400 is correct. After coming out of second viewing, I basically was reciting Buffy's monologue for the Watchers Council from the end of Checkpoint.
I'm tied up this weekend but will be seeing Wonder Woman next weekend.
Sahjhan, what have you read about it that makes you doubt you'd enjoy it ?

Gal Gadot's performance was great. That's what mattered most to me, going into it (and I had little worry, since I thought she was great in Batman vs. Superman). It's a younger, more naive Diana, but completely endearing.

The film is very much what the first Captain America was to the MCU, except Wonder Woman throws in a bit of Thor-like wonder and mythology (even going so far as to establish that Zeus created humans, which kinda surprised me that they went there...delved a bit deeper into the history of the DCEU than what Marvel's done in their films (although they played with a bit regarding the stones in the first Guardians flick and some Asgardian involvement on Earth in the first Thor, not to mention all the Kree/Hive/Hydra histoical stuff on AoS).

There were some cheesy bits of dialogue occasionally, a joke or two that was more groan-worthy than effectively funny, IMO, and some of the stuff on Themyscira was a bit undercooked or glossed over, but for the most part, overwhelmingly ? It's a solid movie. The themes and sense of hopefulness are frequently transcendant and it provoked the warm fuzzy feeling inside at least a couple times.

The action scenes are top notch.

The movie pulled the same trick as Batman Begins and Iron Man 3 in its bait-and-switch with its lead villain. I highly suspected it might once I noticed that one character lurking a certain way and getting all grabby with the phone. But that's okay.

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I noticed at one point mid-way through the film that I had a smile glued to my face. I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I thought Gadot was fabulous, and I was so happy that Patty Jenkins had a success on her hands. So few women directors get the opportunity for such big films, and I thought she did a fine job. The film wasn't perfect, but its flaws did not take away from my enjoyment. And I just may go back for a second helping.
Alas, I have spent an obscene amount of time on the internet this weekend explaining to people that no, WW isn't great because of Zack Snyder. :/
I thought it was finally a Marvel-level movie; basically Captain America 1 with a female lead. It was certainly an OK origin story, right up there with several of the Marvel firsts, but it didn't strike me as as much of a home run as the initial response had indicated. TL;DR, I agree with Kris.
A few too many clunky speeches on Themyscira in the beginning, a bit too much CGI bombast at the end.

Everything else works.

The key is the interaction between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. If the movie had a traditional, square-jawed hero without Pine's self-deprecating humor or a badass Amazonian warrior without Gadot's sweetness and compassion, it wouldn't have worked. These qualities gave Diana and Steve a certain openness and vulnerability that greatly enhanced their charm without compromising their competence.

Their interplay nicely contrasted with the action scenes, which were... Well, they were everything you always wanted in a Wonder Woman movie. We only had to wait 75 years to get there.
Loved it. Loved her. I'll be seeing it in the theater again (something I do very rarely.)

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