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June 03 2017

Dr Horrible is coming to Wizard World in Philadelphia today. Even if you miss the screening, stop at the Browncoat Ball table, Booth #409.

"While you're at the table you can also grab information on the various local Serenity screenings which are coming up (Philly on 24th June and Pittsburgh on 30th July), find out more about the Browncoat Ball in Gettysburgh (11th 10 13th August) or sign up for the Take Back the Sky petition which is asking Elon Musk to name the manned SpaceX Dragon capsule "Serenity". "

Here is the find another event page.

I wish Dr Horrible 2 was coming to the internet.
I went to the PA Browncoats table, and did not see that on there! I missed it, but to be honest, the convention was really poorly (and sparsely) organized this year.

At least the Buffy panel was a lot of fun. Turns out, I was sitting behind Steve DeKnight's brother (who is from a nearby town).

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