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June 08 2017

Justice League reshoots rumoured to be "extensive". Take with a pinch of salt.

Hopefully, sort of like the changes Joss made to Zak Penn's Avengers vision.
If it's true, it makes me far more open to actually seeing it in a theater, rather than waiting till it comes to HBO or wherever. If not, then shut up, internet!
Even if true, it's not a case of the studio disliking the movie and firing the director. These reshoots would have happened with Snyder behind the camera if he'd have been able to do it. Joss' job isn't to remake the movie in his style, it's to finish the movie that Zack Snyder was making.
Reading in the comments the original author mentioned people having seen one cut of the movie already, so it could be test audience feedback has made them want to make changes. (Boy oh boy do I wish I could have been in a test audience for Ultron and then I coulda suggested that when Bruce finds Nat, instead of him having to bust open the door, she does it herself and gives Bruce the "bitch, please" look because she was just staying put till the others showed up, as she knew they would, but didn't want to give it away to the murder robot army that she was able to alert the others to their location. I mean, it's in her wheelhouse of pretending to be weak and/or vulnerable, right? Ah well. Woulda coulda)... Back to JL: I personally have zero vested interest. The trailer looks fun. I skipped BvS and Suicide Squad but might give this a go re-shoots or no.

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