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April 17 2004

An interview with Tim Minear. It's mainly about Wonderfalls but also with a few Firefly and Angel mentions thrown in. Free registration required.

yeah i read the script he was talking about... "lying pig"... that has got to be one of the more gut-wrenching bits of television ever, especially for it to happen to such a strong character. Its like when Buffy found out when Angel was human and then he turned back into a vampire... the emotion was at the same level. DAMN YOU FOX TV!
Wow. Be sure you read that interview to the last question and answer. Saved the best for last.
Oh now I'm even more interested in seeing the remaining episodes. I'm not sure whether I would actually want to pay for a 'Wonderfalls' DVD set if there was one...but how could I not? Decisions, decisions.
Damn! I think I was happy never knowing what goodness was to come in those ill-fated episodes... now knowing that someone denied me a scene like that makes me angry. Makes me want to SMASH.

When it comes right down to it, they cast the perfect actress in the perfect role, and I really think if they gave the show half a chance, she would have been iconic.

Lord knows I'm still clinging to those measly four episodes with as many references and quotes as I can manage.
seriously eh... i've seen those 4 episodes again, and again and again... im starting to worry about myself =)
many friends found all 4 eps of wfalls online. taped a few, but the net helped fill the gaps.

despite the fact that I've moved to a new town, and we don't talk as much as we used to...we all found wonderfalls.

each on our own paths, we still found ourselves drawn to the same thing. jaye is a more critical, biting character than buffy, and really reminds me more of zoe sometimes...

heck, even one of the mgmt types at my new job, after seeing the wfalls postcard as my desktop screen, asked 'where did that show go?'

people noticed, people watched, and we still care, waiting for more.

would be nice once in a blue effing moon if the suits showed they cared for audiences totalling less than 5 million.

we're ready and waiting to watch, and redeem their outdated tired yesteryear business model.

would be nice if they catered to intelligent folks for whom this reality teevee shite is like a book full of toddler scribblings.

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It's a crime what they did to Wonderfalls. I was talking to a couple of people at a party last week and they had mentioned there was a new show on Fox called "Wonder-something" that looked interesting. They wanted to watch it, but just had never gotten around to it. But, alas, I had to break the bad news and tell them it was too late.
Not to beat an absolutely dead horse, but getting people in my demographic to watch a show on Friday nights is such a long shot. Wonderfalls was the best new show to be on the air in awhile, in my opinion. However, on Friday evenings, I'm at happy hour or out doing something... hardly ever at home watching TV. I did plan around Wonderfalls for its brief TV life, but I'm just one person. Hell, I even got my screen name from that show!

I recently aquired the DVD set for Firefly. It took me about 5 or 6 episodes to really get into it. However, I can't say I would have planned my Friday nights around it.

Angel also has a very tough timeslot against West Wing, the OC, and the Bachelor. I know this has been said before. It's just such a dirty shame that these shows aren't given a timeslot to grow their audiences. Being my absolutely favorite show ever (possibly even over BTVS), I may still be in denial over the cancellation. Yep, that's what it is.
fate's bitch, I'm totally out of your demographic, but I sure as hell don't build a Friday night around a television show, never have, and don't expect to. "Wonderfalls" obviously was never given a fair shot, as neither was "Firefly."

That said, "Angel" has been given 4.75 or so seasons to develop an audience...and it has, damn it! It has an incredibly loyal and committed fan base encomapssing a huge range of demographics (a colleague of mine's entire family--from an 8-year old daughter up to herself and her 50-something husband, and several kids in between, are all fanatics).

That's the truly infuriating thing about its cancellation. "Angel" is a critically acclaimed program--and that should be leverage that an intelligent network would use to promote new shows--"In the tradition of 'Angel', a startlingly vivid depiction of (fill in the blank here)" and such...but Mr. Levin is reviving "Dark Shadows" and bringing on god knows what dreck and drivel to fill his increasingly vapid schedule.

Five episodes left. Around 220 or so broadcast minutes. Denial? Yeah, you bet.

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