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June 16 2017

Firefly luggage tags are now available to buy. According to QMx, the "Engineered by Firefly Q-Tag has been created using the original file used to create the screen-used prop". It'll give you something to look at when you're delayed at Heathrow.

I haven't been tempted by much that QMX has come out with lately but this one... I wonder if you can put an address in at the back. Then it would be useful as well as stylish yet affordable.
Yep, yet again Qmx have an absolutely ludicrous postage charge to send to the UK. It's a luggage tag costing $5 and they want $48.50 to post it! Madness!
I'd worry about it getting torn off. I've lost a couple tags that way (now I just use the free paper ones). Pretty, though.

Lioness, it looks like the back has a window you can put a card in. Hard to be sure from the photo though.

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