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April 17 2004

Interviews with Lindsey & Lilah, in conjunction with, and to celebrate the upcoming Buffy/Angel Flashback Convention Horror-Web was honored to interview Christian and Stephanie!

I miss Glenn Quinn.
Interviewer: All I want to know is, 'Are you happy with the way your character ended the season?'
Christian: No. [no?] No. [oh, ok. But don't tell me anything else.] I'm not [laughs] Before you ask anyone else, no one is going to be happy with the way their character ended the season. Because it's too young and we've all just now gotten comfortable in our skin and nobody is happy with the way their character ends the season.


Oh, and I think it kinda sucks that they didn't give Christian any background info on what Lindsey may've been up to. Would've been nice for him to have some kind of clear motivations rather than having to make up reasons involving Darla that most likely won't be touched on by the writers. I dunno, so far I think Lindsey's been a bit mishandled so far, he feels a bit off sometimes. I get that he hates Angel and always will, but I don't understand why he chose now in particular to come back. I don't know why he's playing ambiguous (he wants to take down W&H? Since when did he care?), how and why he and Eve met and teamed up, or why he was messing with Spike (supposedly to build Spike up and have Angel go through the whole self-doubt thing in "Soul Purpose", but they didn't really telegraph that as well as they could've, and it feels like there should've been more to it). I'm all for not spoonfeeding the viewers, for letting us fanwank the occasional lack of explanation or seeming inconsistency, but this is kinda ridiculous. Unless some quality explanations are forthcoming, they will have done a terrible disservice to a classic Angel character. I hope I don't end up wishing that Lindsey had stayed gone though. I mean that surprise at the end of "Destiny" and some of the material in between then and now, not to mention what I thought was his best scenes of Season 5 yet in last week's "Underneath", I've enjoyed it. I even enjoy Lindsey being back just to have Christian Kane on my TV screen on a semi-weekly basis. But they need to write a bit more for him. It's not like there hasn't been time to write a few quick explanations into the scrip (a conversation with Eve at their apartment, a part of his maniacal rant during his assault on Angel and Cordelia, etc. Not hard to do, writers) since his full reintroduction in "Soul Purpose".

Who knows, maybe the last 5 episodes will take away these worries and frustrations for how things have been going with Lindsey so far (I can be impatient for explanations sometimes). However, it's not like you can blame me for predicting that some explanations will be left out or simply not thought of by the writers. The Mutant Enemy crew has ignored important info in the past (Olaf The Troll suddenly being recognized as Olaf The Troll God in "The Gift" when they need his hammer to be an effective weapon against Glory? That lame Eye Of Botox mystery that was pretty much dropped or not adequately explained in Buffy Season 7? Do I need to go on?). I bitch only because I hold the usually-excellent ME writers to a higher standard than those employed by the average network shows (I wish some of them would break through to HBO and create strong genre television there where they could do tightly plotted 13-episode seasons where characters could really speak like regular folks and two women could kiss on screen without a bunch of resistance beforehand from the braindead network).

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