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June 20 2017

Joss Whedon already a 'big part' of DC Extended Universe. Wherein DC execs grovel dutifully to make Joss feel comfy...

I'm a big fan of the MCU, and the DCEU seems to be heading in the right direction with Wonder Woman and getting Joss on board, but I can't help but be a little disappointed that Joss is going back into a franchise like this (even though I will absolutely watch the heck out of Batgirl!).

I'd rather him spend his energy on his own projects and his own characters. It's been 7 years since Dollhouse last aired. TV is missing his voice.

That said, he absolutely deserves to follow his passions. We know how much he loves these comic book characters, so it must be a dream come true to be able to write and direct them. I just prefer his original stuff.

Edit: Also, I'm still upset that Twist never came to life. That concept seemed amazing. I'm guessing a lot of those ideas will be implemented in Batgirl, though.

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This direction for Joss really disappointed me because this franchise is one of my least favorite movie franchises ever. I like the characters well enough but BvS and Suicide Squad are just atrociously awful films. Not just bad movies but really unpleasant ones. I found the Joker and Lex Luthor to be the most irritating, hard to watch characters I've seen on film in a long time. And though I kind of liked Man of Steel, two movies like Suicide Squad and BvS are enough to ruin the franchise permanently for me. Like the brilliant Aubrey Plaza said in my new favourite show Legion, 'you ever try to unmake soup?' Throw in as many improved ingredients as you like, throw in the damn Shawshank of superhero films. The pot's already spoiled for me. That said Joss is still my favourite director of all time, my childhood inspiration and a man who has earned the right to work on whatever he likes, so I hope he has a ball doing it, I know he loves his Batman.
Also I hope he brings out some original content between gigs for WB. I was so excited for a new Joss project after Age of Ultron came out. Even a Ripper miniseries or film for Netflix or something!

Or, and I'm getting desperate here but indulge my self-delusion, an Old Man Spike movie! Spike got shanshued by the fight at the end of Angel, became human, outlived all his mates and got old, and now has to choose to become a vampire again by getting bit to save Dawn or something. I dunno... Spike was my idol as a kid, always wanted that Spike movie.
Here's hoping Joss can bring his (and Marvel's) sense of humor to the DC universe. That has been my recurring complaint with the movies that I have seen, including Wonder Woman: their oppressive seriousness of tone.
I actually thought Wonder Woman balanced the humor FAR better than any of the other DCEU films. Gadot and Pine's interactions had me constantly cracking up.
I thought for sure that after Marvel, Joss would use his new marketability and cachet to get some original projects done. Not sure why that didn't happen... maybe a $1.5 billion movie doesn't actually get you an automatic greenlight in Hollywood these days. In any case, I've kind of despaired of seeing him come out with the next Buffy or Firefly. Even the two comics series he was supposed to launch have sunk without a trace.
@SuperScuba: that's kinda to my point... WW had more humor than other DC movies, but it still did not (IMO) deliver it enough to overcome the weight of seriousness. Marvel goes for entertaining, and often achieves epic. DC goes for epic, and often misses out on being entertaining. Yes, the set-piece battles are amazing, and the visuals (e.g., all the Amazons in training, or Diana leading the charge into battle) are inspiring. But the overall tone of the movie is one that says (to me and my SO at least): this is important and you must treat it with respect.

The humor between Diana and Steve was, for me, just standard fish-out-of-water tropes, no matter that the jokes were delivered very well (Pine is great at humor -- see Into the Woods for a brilliant Shatner shout-out). There's nothing in the DC movies that I have seen (and I have not seen them all) to compare to, e.g., Hulk knocking Asgardians out of frame in the blink of an eye, or any of the many other small moments where the hero characters voice the absurdity of their situations. The tone is completely different between the two universes, and I find the Marvel efforts far more entertaining.
DC must have made an offer Joss couldn't refuse. I would love more original Joss, but I'm kind of OK with his working with the DCEU.
I don't know why can't do a Spielberg or Eastwood. Popular film then Personal film, on a rotating basis. Those 2 directors also seem to be able to put out a movie a year. Of course, they don't also write the screenplay, which will slow you down I guess!
Not everyone works at the same pace. One thing about Whedon is that he also has quite a lot of unfinished/unproduced stuff that - if I may guess - nonetheless ate up a big portion of his time. Though I don't know how his unproduced projects compare to those of his colleagues since I don't follow anyone else that closely.

Doesn't he also have two young children? I don't know about Eastwood and Spielberg - or about their respective output when they in fact did have young offspring - but that might be a factor why he can't always squeeze something between the big gigs he's being offered.

My take on it is this: Opportunities to do Marvel or DC don't come along everyday. So if that's something you care to do, you need to grasp it while it's in reach. The more personal projects will still be there afterwards, but this won't.

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