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June 22 2017

A book about 'Serenity' is coming out in November. The book "examines the relationship between the film and its peculiar cult following, largely established before a cult object even existed, and situates the film in relation to the series and its other transmedia continuations to plumb the status of different media texts and their platforms".

And it's available for pre-order on

Cool. Sounds like somebody is publishing their master's thesis.
If so, their degree better not have been in History... cult objects have been around for quite a while.
@tomg: I thought the same thing at first. I'm trying to give the blurb writer the benefit of the doubt, even if s/he thinks we're "peculiar." What the quote may be saying is that the cult around this particular show developed with unusual speed, and the movie came out just a short time after the series ended. So there seems to be an implication that the core audience for the film was made up of die-hard fans who loved anything connected to Joss Whedon or Firefly, and they (well, we) were sold on the show in advance just because of Joss' name.

I could be wrong, though. The blurb is so badly written that it could be saying almost anything.
@Danielm80: perhaps that is the correct reading... but if so, then it seems strange and arbitrary to me that the film would be considered the cult object, rather than the fictional world in which the stories are set. Is the film and only the film at the center of the cult, regardless of the impact of the preceding TV show (and its DVD set release)?

Rhetorical questions for me at least, since I am unlikely to read the book.
Well... that blurb is a mouthfull.
Sounds rather like post-modern bs to me. I have not time for that kind of stuff.

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