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April 17 2004

(SPOILER) From HERC: Shocking Details of The ANGEL Series Finale!! The First All-Invisotext Post!!

Er, should there be a spoiler tag on this?
What in the hell was the point of that.I looked,oh gosh,you really got me,duh-huh.

did you try highlighting the page? The text is invisible.
Is it just me or did someone in that talkback make a very good point as to the validity of these spoilers?

Joss hates cliffhangers and considers them unfair to fans. The only season he has ever ended on a cliffhanger was season three of Angel with Angel in a box at the bottom of the ocean and Cordy going skywards. Even then it was when he knew for a fact that the show was coming back next season.

Every other year of both Buffy and Angel he has at least tied up the plots of the current year, sometimes putting a new one in place for the following season, such as the W&H thing, when he was assured that they were coming back.

This year he knows that there is no way season six is happening for a fact. The movies are a good possibilty but still not definate. Why then would he end the entire show with this dragon fighting cliffhanger thing, risking never bringing closure to the story, something he has said he doesn't like to do? Doesn't make any sense to me that this would happen.

There is definately another scene we know nothing about yet, i'll eat my Watcher's Guide if i'm wrong.
its not a cliffhanger, ita a butch cassidy and the sundance kid ending.
Hmm. I'm wondering why he's ending the show on a cliffhanger. Maybe he knows something we don't know. LOL.
Also if the spoilers are true will there be any cast left for a season 6 or movies? Seems like everyone dies
The interesting bit to me was that Fox News is reporting 6 Angel movies are in the works. If Joss knows he has 6 movies, or 12 hours to work with next year a cliffhanger is not that out of bounds.
if 6 movies are in the works..........they better be able to bring the scoobies into them..............
I'm horrifed by the thought that half the cast won't make it to the supposed Angel movies. I know Joss likes to shock us, but that does seem out of charcter for him, to end a series that way...
With the series ending what does he have to lose by doing this? Sounds like it's big stakes and will cut a deep emotional blow. No point on going out on a whimper and playing it safe.

He's also left it open ended by giving the heroes another fight. Our heroes never stop fighting. A happy ending where everyone is alive and can get on with their lives is not in the spirit or style of the series.

This way, there is a definite reason to bring the show back in one form another (look at Farscape's cliffhanger, and now its revival).

Yay the writers. They'll be back.

And don't forget human fatalities have NEVER stopped a character from reappearing in the Whedonverse. Death is not final. For all we know the people who die are bitten by Harmony... Just a thought.
OH MY GOD. I don't know if it was posted, but Spoilerslayer has info on the final ep, too. I haven't read the Herc one yet. I nearly soiled myself. I can't believe it.
Herc's info comes from Spoiler Slayer but he summarised the major highlights for the finale.

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