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"Oh, you always so grouchy when you get cut in half."
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June 24 2017

Can you guess this villain from Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Well if you can't you're probably following the wrong website.

Ben is Glory?
Oh, the number of times Angel and Angelus are listed separately. Grrr! :D

But yea, easy peasy. I wish they did these quizzes for us uber BtVS nerds too. Has anyone ever come across a difficult one???
They used a picture of Liam for Angelus. He wasn't turned yet.
Well, I'm an "expert," so if I am I imagine we all are. SFX has some pretty difficult quizzes, but I don't recall a Buffy one. But I only resubscribed recently after being unsubscribed for a year or so.
I noticed the same mistake with Liam. That would have been a better trick question.

The official Buffy magazine used to have a quiz in every issue and they were really hard. I was watching the series constantly back then and I never got close to full points.
Darn, I thought I could get the the Liam error,
But like Monty Python's The Bishop, I was . . . Too Late.
I almost tripped up on the Liam/Angelus thing. 'Cause by first reaction was "Neither. That's Liam." But I thought, "Wellll if he's just been turned, he'd still be wearing those clothes, so I guess that'd make him Angelus.
Amazing how I always take these quizzes, especially the easy ones, so I can get that little graphic of validation at the end.

And get really mad if I ever miss a question, as if there's some Buzzfeed employee sitting there watching me going, "ha, loser."
With the Liam thing, you could say the same for Harmony. Although I guess regular Harmony could still be a villain, but that pic sure looks like its before she became Harmelus.
IMO, Harmony was a villain when she was human too.
What makes Harmony so brilliant as a character is that there is no difference at all in her behavior alive or undead.
Mr. Patient - I agree - that's what I love about Harmony.

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