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June 27 2017

Serenity getting a 4K release? According to there will be a Scandinavian release in October.

It's such a lovely film visually. I noticed a huge difference going from DVD to Blu-ray. This would tip me into getting a 4K TV.
Wouldn't expect the same leap as the film was mastered in 2K.
That makes no sense. No big studio movie intended for cinemas would be mastered for 2k let alone one shot on 35mm film. Why on earth would it be released in 4k if that were the case? Source?
bivith, few films have been mastered at 4K. You may find a few real 4K films currently (such as Logan or Spectre) and you'll find even more in the future. But even recent films expected to be massive hits like The Force Awakens were mastered in 2K.

4K discs of 2K films still have some benefits, namely a greater dynamic range and a greater color palette like what you'd have seen in the theater, which home theaters could not reproduce until now.
@bivith, my source is IMDB:

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That seems to be related to digital distribution and projection.

Presumably for the 4K version the would have gone back to the super 35 negatives?

Otherwise what is the point?
So 4k is even more of a con than I thought, it seems. Thanks for the info, everyone.

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