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June 27 2017

20th Century Fox to release Buffy: The Complete Series 20th Anniversary Edition DVD Boxed Set. There will also be a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 20 Years of Slaying" fan event to be held in San Diego to coincide with Comic-Con.

Those Rock Candy funkos are cute, but Buffy has green eyes.
I like the new artwork but if there's no new content and it's not properly remastered, then no thank you.
Yeah, no new features and not remastered? Why?

Also, with regards to the art... except for the Season 1 image, all those promo shots of Buffy do not originally feature her holding a weapon. Yet they look like they've all been Photoshopped to feature a weapon of some sort in her hand. That's... weird. Otherwise, I kinda like the more colourful look.
Eh, will it have the bonus disk from the Chosen Collection?
Also my old dvd box sets are worn to the nubs, might be worth grabbing on discount at some point.
@Knuckleball Based on things I've seen lately and comments made by IrrationalTV in this forum it looks like the sales of DVD's
and Blu-Ray's of TV shows has gotten bad enough that they are not bothering much with special features. One show I follow
recently announced that Blu-Rays of the current season would only be available via Warners's print-on-demand service.
All they really need to do as far as I'm concerned is restore the "Previously, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer" intro to "The Gift"--the montage that has one moment from each of the previous 99 episodes followed by a smash cut into the action of episode 100. It's incredible to me that they cut that off.
mozzarellademon, they also chopped off the opening scene of "End of Days" when removing the recap. And the DVD version of "Lie to Me" features abridged and missing scenes (maybe they accidentally included the syndicated version?).
Grack21, they say it's 39 disks, which is the standard total of all 7 seasons as far as I can tell. (Going from my collection of the original releases. I don't have the Chosen Collection.)

I've never heard about the edits to 'End of Days' and 'Lie to Me'. That's absurd. Any ideas whether the UK release has the abridged 'Lie to Me'?
My DVDs have The Gift opening but they do have the cut version of Lie to Me.
That's odd I never noticed any cuts to Lie to Me. First I;ve heard of it.
I think older shows sell better than newer ones but that's just from what I see at the local BB.
A new DVD collection? A reissue, in other words? What is the point?
Will it have the widescreen, extra long OMWF?

Not that I'm looking to replace my existing DVDs, but if I was, that would be a sale-killer if it weren't there.
The only difference between this release and the 2010 release is they changed the artwork on the box and individual season covers. Otherwise, this looks the exact same. A gimmick-y re-issue at best that likely doesn't cost them all that much.
No thanks. The ones I got 14 years ago are working just fine. 20th Century FOX is not entitled to any more money from me.
A gimmick-y re-issue at best that likely doesn't cost them all that much.

Well that's 20th Century Fox for you, everything is done on the cheap.
Anyone got more info about this Lie to Me situation? Cause its going to drive me insane til I find out what version I have. :(
Me too, Grack21. I still have my Season Three videos, but no VHS player to use to compare.
Darn it! Of course. Time for a rewatch.
Anyone got more info about this Lie to Me situation? Cause its going to drive me insane til I find out what version I have. :(

I don't know what the others are referring to, but I've got the old boxed set from some years ago and Lie to Me behaves different than all the other episodes. Normally I skip the music intro by hitting the > button to skip to the next scene. If I do that with Lie to Me, it skips a large portion of the next scene. That's the only episode where I can't skip the intro music, or if I do, I have to rewind to get to the beginning of the scene that follows it.

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