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June 28 2017

Joss Whedon invited to join Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Joss is among 774 members of the film industry to receive invitations to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).

For some reason I thought he got invited after the first Avengers movie.
I thought he got admitted when he got nominated for Toy Story. I thought once you get nominated for an Academy Award you get an invitation to the academy. I thought Drew Goddard got an invitation for writing the screenplay for The Martian.
Viggo Mortensen has been nominated for a Best Actor Oscar twice, and is being invited to join this year. No clue as to why people do and don't get invited to join.
It's up to those invited to join to decide if they want to join or not. Viggo, for instance, has been invited to join before (sometime after the LotR trilogy) but declined to do so. It's possible Mssrs. Whedon and Goddard have similarly been invited to join but turned it down; it's also possible this is their first invitation (aka, I'm too lazy to look it up).
Maybe he had gotten one as a writer but not as a director?
Also, nominees don't get an automatic invitation - as stipulated on the academy website: "Nominees and sponsored candidates are reviewed by branch committees and recommendations for membership are considered by the Academy’s Board of Governors. The Board decides which individuals will receive invitations."

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Seems random as you know what (and it starts with F). And like so many things in and around Hollywood, very much dependant on things that are "cool" right now, and trendy. But, hey, its nice to get invited to things, i guess. So, congrats! :)

PD: So... eh... when the Oscars go to movies i deem unworthy and the worthy ones get snubbed (all acording to my infalible criteria, of course) is this the people I will have to make voodoo dolls about?

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If you look at the article on Deadline about the invitations it says that Whedon was only nominated in the writer category. Those who received invitations from multiple branches are identified as such with an asterix.
Ming got invited to.
Hooray for Joss, and Ming, and Gal Gadot, and all the women and people of color (not that there are enough, but this is a start)!

Since I actually watch the Academy Awards every year, I should probably take the time to read their web site and see how it all actually works.

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