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April 18 2004

SyFy Genre Awards nominees announced. Seventeen nominations in all for Buffy and Angel. James gets two nominations in the same category and Joss gets nominated for the Gene Roddenberry Lifetime Achievement Award.

In case anyone is wondering, it's the final whittled down version of the long list of nominees.

It's an honor that James was nominated for both shows, but I'm afraid it's going to split the vote for him. I would probably choose BTVS as his best work, although I think he did some incredible work on ATS too. (HELLBOUND, DESTINY, DAMAGE, etc.) THen again, maybe he WAS better on ATS.

See what I'm talking about?
Exactly what i was thinking Twiggy, why they couldn't have just put "James Marsters (Buffy & Angel)" i have no idea.

Nice to see that every one of the five shows i watch on a regular basis (Buffy, Angel, Farscape, Alias and Stargate) made it into the best tv show category. Carnivale looks worth a look too if it ever makes it over here to the UK.
when are the results
I thought "split vote" when I read JM was nominated for both shows. It's the same character, so it wouldn't have been so bad to simply nominate the character.
Maybe he'll tie with himself.
I think Alexis Denisof should've been nominated as the supporting male actor for Angel instead of James (much as I love him)
Well deserved nominations, I hope Joss and anyone buffy/angel related clean house. But I also hope that if they don't win at least Tru Calling or Dead like me can take a few awards.

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