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June 29 2017

Whedonesque turns 15 today. Big thanks to everyone who posts here for keeping the site going all these years.

And a very big thanks to Caroline.

Happy Birthday! Can't believe it's been this long.
Cheers to the black and the many dances of joy it has created over the years!
And I thought I was a latecomer in 2006!
Cheers & thanks for being the first place I ever hung out online.
I don't comment much but I still receive all the news from here on my RSS and it's great that this site has lasted so long, here's to the next 15 years!
Yeah, "Buffys" Emmy-performance - or, to put it more accurately, the Emmys' "Buffy"-performance - was a joke back then and is still a joke, today. "OMWF" should've won something (especially that Hugo*, which is a much kewler award than those Emmys, anyway) and the entire show deserved much more (Emmy-)recognition back in the day.

Anyway. I think it's nice that in the day and age of Facebook-plugins, Twitter-plugins, Disqus, and all that other crap there's still room for an old-school platform that doesn't need all those gimmicks but instead focuses on the very essence of internet discussion - the written word. No pics, no emoticons - not even cat-GIFs (though I'd actually consider that one a flaw). There's also not really any spam, which is something that tends to make the rest of the internet almost unbearable at times. I like that. This is one of maybe three places where I still occasionally post something. Though I'll probably stop in a couple of years. I'm barely interested in discussions anymore.
Thinking about it, this is probably the best comment section on the internet, that I know of.

*Which went to "The Fellowship of the Ring" - a flic I don't really care for. "Monsters, Inc." was also amongst the nominees. Could've lived with that - even over "OMWF". I loved that movie.
Back in 2002, had a fairly comprehensive archive of Joss-related news. But it was quite a lot of effort to keep up with it all. Thank you, Whedonesque, for 15 years of leveraging the collective hive mind for this purpose.
Well done, friends.
Congratulations. Still the best site on the internet.
Happy Birthday! So happy to have been a member since 2004 (and a lurker prior to that). I am continually amazed at what I've learned from people on this site.

Many thanks to Caroline and Simon, and to all the mods who have come and gone. I miss some of the "regulars" from years ago, and the lively and sometimes memorable discussions of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse, but I am so delighted that this community continues to thrive (as does the career of the man for whom the site is named).

Best wishes to all for many more years.
As an active member in a bit over 14 of those, happy that, even if the news have slowed down a bit compared to a few years ago, we are still going strong.
Thank you so much for all your hard work Simon and Caroline - many happy returns of the day. What a wonderful community. Proud to be a member since July 2006!!
Happy Birthday

So happy to be part of this community :)
Boy, it went by fast. Congrats on the anniversary!
Happy Anniversary! To the next decade! :)
Thanks for your work, and thanks to the other contributors. Hoping for another 15 years, with lot's of stuff to talk about ;)
Thanks to everyone who posts here! This is the first site I go to every day!
Happy Anniversary, Whedonesque! Thanks for keeping us informed.
Maybe for the 20th we'll all celebrate in person! :P
Happy anniversary to staff, mods & posters ^^
I love SuperScuba's suggestion. πŸ˜€
I'm mostly a lurker but I check in religiously every day for my Buffy fix and the for the news and thoughtful insights from all those who post. Cheers everyone!

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Congratulations. I've been here for 13 of those 15 years and this is still my favourite site - can't say that about any other site that I was looking at 13 years ago.
I still vaguely remember when Whedonesque was new. At the time there were so many Buffy-related websites on the Internet, and now almost all of them are defunct. This is the only website from back in the days when BtVS was still airing that is still going strong. It's nice to have that continuity. Happy birthday Whedonesque, and thanks to Simon and everyone else over the years who've kept it running.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU WHEDONESQUE! THank you to all the administrators. I'm sorry I was late. I was U2ing in NJ, which I know some of you understand.
Whedonesque is the homepage on all of my Net surfing devices, and reading it daily brings me so many feelings. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!!! I'm so glad to have this site to come to for well-moderated conversations about all things Whedon. Where people do not resort to name calling, etc., when there is a disagreement. And many people know way more than I do, so I get to learn stuff.

As many of you have said, thanks to Simon, Caroline, and any other moderators who have helped keep us on The Path! ;-)

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Happy birthday! Thank you so much for STILL keeping the site going. I rarely post, but I've been a member for years and before that I was a lurker pretty much from the beginning. (At least from around 2003-2004 or so. I wish I remembered!) This is such a refreshing place to visit. Respectful, intelligent, mostly correctly punctuated conversation is difficult to find on the Internet these days. I still come here often.
I'm a few days late and a dollar short, but join in the congratulations and gratitude to Simon, Caroline and mods. Thanks for keeping Whedonesque an island of civility for all these years.
darling, I loved your comment about "mostly correctly punctuated"! That is so true today, given most journalists these days seem to totally skip that pesky proof-reading part!

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