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June 29 2017

Kel McDonald talks about her latest Buffy: The High School Years graphic novel. 'Parental Parasite' is out in comic book shops this week.

With GN format of the series, curious if we'll see the FCBD story that was released either this year or last year, collected elsewhere (maybe in a S11 TPB) or if Dark Horse is considering a Library-ish collection like what was done with "Tale of the Slayer" + "Tales of the Vampires".

Interesting that they do comment on the more manga art style used. Jo Chen was probably the one whose art style could be classified as that, but other than covers, she only did shorts. I'd say Megan Levans style is almost in between, it does remind me a bit of that, so Yishan's isn't that unique entry in the Buffy comics altogether, but I like that there is a continuity in the High School Year line of books.

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I've really enjoyed this series, especially because it is a bit "lighter" and I've been able to use it to introduce my son to Buffy. He loves the 1st 2 and we'll have to get this one this week.
I had not thought about introducing my son to Buffy that way. Thanks for the headsup.
These high school years books are great. So far they have slotted in really well to give a little extra story without impacting on existing canon. They have been like little intros to some of the main themes of the season so far so I'll be interested to see how this one works on that front. The voicing is really great and one of the nicest things about this series.
Issue 1 was nicely nostalgic but 2 was not for me , will not be getting 3. Though I Would recommend it to my friends children , who r High Schoolers , it seem to be aimed @ them.

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