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June 29 2017

Trailer for Marvel's "Inhumans" series for ABC. Link is to the YouTube video; middling review of the trailer can be found at Salon.

No obvious sign that this will in any way be integrated into the SHIELD storylines.

What is the connection to Joss for this story?
So this is why it went to Fridays.
Considering that they've hinted that its connections to AoS are extremely mild at best to almost non-existent, other than sharing the MCU setting, not sure that this needed a front page post.

The very narrow (and I am grasping for straws here) Whedon connection, is that this is being created under Jeph Loeb who's in charge of the TV side of Marvel.

The look and that people in charge of it does make me believe it might be their first major failure.
But it has Ramsay Bolton and a really big dog!

I am choosing to be open minded about this. Not sure of the Whedon connection here, but is there a chance there will be AOS crossovers? (Tenuous connection, at best.)
Well it was tweeted out on the official AoS account. Or instagrammed, or, I dunno I saw it on one of the official AoS accounts for SOMETHING. Other than the trailer I don't think we (ha, we, like I run the site) need to cover it.
WTF?? Who let this happen?? The Inhumans deserve better.
With all of the Inhumans on AoS, it is like a spin-off. I'd say the chance of crossovers is high, especially considering where the Shield agents ended up at the end of last season.

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