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July 03 2017

Reddit list of potential Batgirl actresses sparks speculation cause there's nothing else to go on. Apparently Katherine Langford is the frontrunner. Or is she? We just don't know.

Most of those seem to young for the reported Batgirl plot they were supposedly going for(Barbara recovers from wheelchair, goes back to being Batgirl) but then again that was only a rumor and this is a rumor and Hollywood, so who knows.
I'm betting Joss once again shocks the world with his dark horse candidate - Lindsay Davenport.
Interesting that there are no Whedonverse alumni in there. Usually when we get a "who will Joss cast?" list there's always a Summer Glau or Felicia Day.
@Matt, I'm guessing part of that is the age group that they are looking at for this. Most of these actors are younger than our favorite Whedonverse actors.
Mehh, I was more excited when there were rumours about Lindsay Morgan.
I don't know half of these names.
Qualley's gorgeous, so I'd be down with that - though I'd rather have her playing Cassandra Cain. Roberts was in one of my favourite shows out of the last three years, so she's in my good books. Fanning I don't really know, but her sister was awesome enough for two fifteen years ago (Dakota's performance played a major part in "C.S.I." replacing "Buffy" as my favourite show for a while back then). I've seen Thorne in "Scream" but don't remember anything she did beyond that scene. The rest of the names don't ring a bell.

Overall I don't really have a favourite. I'm not that good at fantasy casting. Most of the time I just root for the people who play characters, I like, on tv shows, I like. No matter if they make sense for the part, or not. So either Qualley or Roberts, I guess. And Thorne, because I think she's ginger. When in doubt, look at the hair.

Maybe I should google those other names. Chances are I've seen some of those people before as well.
He could cast an unknown/little-known actress, making lists like these superfluous. He does that.
This article appeared to be totally fact free speculation.
@Matt7325: Is that really the right approach? Sure, Joss reuses a lot of actors, but how often does he cast people he has already worked with in main roles on a new project? I believe that has only happened with Dr Horrible and Much Ado Avout Nothing (and the latter was basically Joss and friends shooting during a vacation) and occasional exceptions like Summer Glau on Firefly. (Angel doesn't count for obvious reasons.)

Firefly - other than Summer Glau, who had had guest starred in an episode of Angel, new cast that hadn't worked with Joss. (Sone of them later got cast on late seasons of Buffy/Angel).

Dollhouse - other than Eliza Dushku, who wasn't really cast but was basically a co-creator of the show and the show was built around her development deal with Fox, new cast as far as main cast goes. (I don't know which one Fran Kranz was first cast in, Dollhouse or Cabin). Old Whedonites in some of the supporting roles (Amy Acker, Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau).

Cabin in the Woods - see Dollhouse. New cast, Whedonite in a supporting role (Amy Acker).

Agents of SHIELD - new cast in all main roles (other than Coulson/Clark Gregg, who obviously doesn't count). Whedonites in some of the recurring and guest roles.

In Your Eyes - new cast.

So, going by Joss' casting history, one should rather expect a lead actress and most of the nain cast he hadn't worked with before, and Whedonites in supporting roles.
And, to be blunt, remember this is Hollywood and how old Joss's past performers are.

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