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July 08 2017

Torchwood Boy's very special reaction to "Hush". They say 90% of communication is nonverbal. Youtuber, Alex wishes to test that theory while watching the 10th episode from Buffy's 4th season. WARNING: Contains one, single word of profanity.

I'm a bit disappointed. I was looking forward to seeing what he thought of Hush, but it just felt a bit gimmicky. I'm dreading what he might do for Once More, With Feeling. If he sings his commentary, missing parts of the episode, I would hate it.
He doesn't usually comment all that much on the episodes after the watching, unfortunately. But I enjoy his reactions.

And his AoS videos are much more satisfying.

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He does often make his feelings on characters and storylines clear, sometimes even those he didn't film reactions to (since he only does 7 to 10 a season, chosen by another Youtuber who's an old Buffy fan). I found it hilarious how, even though he did not film a reaction to Ted, he hated the character so much that he walmost every reaction video from seasons 2 and 3 had him saying "F%#@ you, Ted" in his opening speech part.
While I had never heard of this particular person before, I must admit, that reaction videos are some sort of guilty pleasure of mine.
Oooh, one word of profanity gets a WARNING! Haha, that headline, gimme a break.

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