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July 11 2017

Which Buffyverse death hurts the most? Gosh, where to start?

For me, always Buffy. "She saved the world a lot"

Enough said.
Expand it beyond Buffy, and it is hard to choose. Fred, Wesley, Wash, Cordy... Mom.

I was not at all a Tara-arc fan, and was glad to see the character go. But I did love Willow, and her grief tears at you. More so when Oz left her, though.
Not in any particular order, but Joyce, Wesley, and Wash, because there was no chance for them to return. She was mom! Mom deaths are very difficult. Wesley was such a tragic figure, his life made me cry. His death was ultimately very tragic. Wash... I can't tell you how much of "Serenity" was a blur after his sudden death. I saw it during a screening, before there were credits, or the final music track. Everyone in the audience was traumatized.

Cordy, Tara, and Jenny Calendar, and Fred would be second tier deaths. I don't know why, but while I was surprised by Tara's death, it wasn't a painful death for me. Maybe it was because more focus in the story was placed on WIllow's ensuing fury. Fred would be a first tier death if she hadn't immediately come back as Illyria and been so f-ing cool. Cordy's death was sad and beautiful, but she had also been missing for a season, after being utterly awful (not the acting, just the whole sleeping with Connor thing) in season 4.

Angel's death was very moving, and it was a powerful end to the story arc for season 2, but I was never quite team Angel, because I was creeped out by an older guy obsessed with a high school girl. Spike's and Buffy's deaths were spoiled long before those episodes aired. We knew both would be coming back, so the deaths, while dramatically powerful, felt kind of empty. Buffy died. Just kidding!
Definitely Tara for me.
That's a well thought out list Nebula1400. Totally agree about Wesley, in particular. He'd definitely be the most tragic for me.
Though I agree with the article that the whole destroying her soul part, really was very cruel indeed for Fred.

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Probably Joyce, but after that when I thought about t my answer shocked me. I'd say Cordy. She wasn't even close to one of my favourite characters on either show, I loved Tara, Wash and maybe even Fred far more. And I hated her in every episode of season 4. But the way they took her out in You're Welcome kills me every time. When Angel gets that phone call and you realise she's been dead the whole time and you see him realise... I think it still suprises me somehow every time I see it. Very poetic and beautiful but also painful.

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