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July 12 2017

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse comics for October. Angel Season 11 #10 is out that month and the season finale of Buffy Season 11 too.

Season finale solicitations are so frustrating because you can basically paste this at the end of any of the Buffy comic seasons and it would describe it. I suppose the only thing we learn is Buffy somehow gets her power back—yay!
Wondering who the big bad is! Someone from the past? The president of the United States? WHO!!!!!!!!!!
Wonder if we'll get any season 12 news at SDCC next week?My bet would be NYCC in October(October 5-8).It's the same month at Buffy's book concludes(with two more issues of Angel's book to go)
NYCC does seem more likely, as Angel, which also gets the S12 label won't conclude until December.

It's also a weird SDCC without Joss there, wonder if the Giles in High School mini is still in the slate. Considering the S11 storyline, it wouldn't be surprising if that is still in, it might be used for S12 instead.

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