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April 18 2004

The 2nd Annual Spacey Awards 2004. James Marsters won a Spacey for Best Male Actor and Angel won for favourite TV series.

Uh, this isn't a link. Just thought I'd mention it...
I don't think its up on the website yet. Just on the tv channel. I don't have it, but it says the awards started airing at 9.

Woo, go James!
Not a Link Just info, I was watching and wanted to share the news about James' Win
yeah, good job JM.............
I hate jetlag. 3.20am here. Anyway I've put a link to the Space Cast website for the time being.
I just heard AtS won for best series. :)
Scorgasm! Congrats to the cast of AtS and JM. It's so great to have new and different posts (sorry I frequent the site a lot during the day)... everytime I kept on checking back I grew more and more tempted to go ahead and read the spoilers for the finale.
Also, it's been mentioned on a couple of boards that Firefly won a (mostly for fun) Technical Spacey for Minimalist Costume for Mal in "Trash".
It is also worth mentioning that Steven S. DeKnight accepted the award dressed in the big Hornblower costume, funny. James Marsters accepted his award this year also... much better than last year when they couldn't find anybody to take Buffy's best TV series award and gave the statue to the SG-1 cast instead. :)
Where were the awards presented? Did James appear live or was this via tape? Congrats James...well done!!
Well done, James! A well deserved win. :-)
There are clips from some of the award winners on the site including James.
The site says it 'repeats' on the 23rd and 24th, but where does it repeat? On a channel? On the site?
James, as did all other winneers, appeared on tape.

The Spaceys are a different type of award show - very irreverent and tongue in cheek. They go to the winner, and when they can't find the winner - well , that's usually just hilarious!!
The Spaceys repeat on the TV channel, not the web site
The TV guide channel? Or is there a Spacey channel that I'm unaware of?
Space is an SF channel in Canada - the Spaceys are their "awards". Go to
Ah, cool. Well, at least I can get it on the website, hopefully.
Just saw the video for James presentation. He's so humble. Glad they have the video on the website. Thanks for the info.

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