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July 14 2017

Out later on this year - "Joss Whedon Versus the Corporation". Subtitled "Big Business Critiqued in the Films and Television Programs", this book looks at "the effects of corporate culture on the protagonists of Whedon's most famous works-including Buffy, Roseanne, the Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Dollhouse-to reveal explicit sociopolitical commentaries on corporate control in the real world".

I think that description is giving Joss a bit too much credit for Roseanne (and really, AoS), but this sounds interesting.
It does and I'm hoping Angel gets a big mention.
What? No, Sugarshock? VIKINGS!!!!!!
I'm pretty sure Angel will actually get a lot of attention, probably most other than Dollhouse, since the theme is most relevant to those two. Probably Firefly/Serenity, too. The blurb above said "including", and they just randomly listed a few things he worked on. Roseanne probably got a mention because it's probably the most widely popular thing he has worked on other than Avengers, and AoS because it's a current show.
Agree with Simon and TTB, shouldn't Angel be at the top of the list? I just have one question for this author, "can you fly?"

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