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July 18 2017

The 20 best sci-fi TV series of the 21st Century, ranked. Not one but two Joss shows feature on this IndieWire list.

I'm so glad to see Dollhouse get some love. It was ahead of its time, and I do think it would be a cable hit today.
I'm also happy to see Dollhouse appreciated. It's also great to see The Expanse in a deserved high place, and I'm glad people still remember The 4400.

But, if superhero comic book shows are included on the list (with Legion being there), why isn't Jessica Jones there? That's what I'd pick if I had to include a Marvel superhero show. I like Legion, but it has a bit of a case of style over substance.
I didnt like Jessica Jones. Admired what it attempted to do, and found much of what it did well admirable, but on the whole i thought it was mostly a mess. Execution wise. A+ for effort, tough.
It's been a while since I've seen it, but I don't remember "Jessica Jones" to be a sci-fi show. The only sci-fi element, I can recall, had to do with Kilgrave's background, which - while of a certain importance to the story - isn't enough in the foreground in order for me to file the show in that particular genre.
I strongly agree with Black Mirror being #1. Very strongly.

But Legion is completely overrated. It's a lot of flashiness with little substance, creative as it is. It could've been condensed into less episodes easily. The relationships and side characters are totally underdeveloped. The X-universe has some of the best powers in comics and they made up these ridiculous, muddled ones???

As for the rest, I really need to catch up on my scifi T_T.
Colony is an underrated gem.
Points for mentioning Michael Giacchino's score for Lost.
Thinking about it - and assuming I didn't miss (or forget) anything - "Lost" probably isn't a sci-fi show, either.
Anyway, the great thing about lists like these isn't so much which shows belong on it - and on which spot - but rather that you can learn (more) about shows that hadn't been (that strongly) on your radar, yet. In my case I wasn't aware that "Colony" oder "The Expanse" might be considered to be worthwile.
I was glad to see that "Black Mirror", "Legion" and "The Expanse" were so high on the list. All three awesome, "The Expanse" being my favorite show these days. Nice that they included "Sense8", "Better off Ted" and "The 4400".

I need to check out "Colony".

"Westworld" is a young show, but I would have put it more towards the top 5.

@Sahjhan: With all the time travel going on, I think "Lost" qualifies as science fiction. :)
You could probably make a case for Cleverman too and maybe The OA. And Helix too as that show was just bonkers scifi.
@Sahjhan: Lost was definitely SciFi, though with a touch of fantasy.
The only thing that may be said to make Legion SciFi are characters' superpowers, and I don't see how that wouldn't also apply to Jessica Jones and other superhero shows.

@luciddreams: This is all true. I hope Legion devotes more screentime to developing secondary characters, who are pretty flat so far, then overdoing the flashiness to the point where it seems the show is just screaming "look at my cool psychelic style and all the mindfrak scenes! Isn't it all cool? Eh? Eh? Here is some more!"

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I'm glad to see Dollhosue is still appreciated. Orphan Black is there, as it should be, but I was hoping for it to be a little higher because I actually do think there's more to the series than the performances, as stunning as they are.

I need to see Westworld and The Expanse.
@Bluelark: You do, indeed, need to see "The Expanse." And "Westworld" too, but seriously, "The Expanse" is one of the finest hard sci-fi space shows that has EVER been filmed. With the level of political intrigue and cold violence and character-driven plot and the number of lives at stake at any given moment numbering in the BILLIONS . . . it's a little like "Game of Thrones" IN SPACE, and it's FANTASTIC.

Seriously, I never thought I'd nudge "Firefly" down out of my "#1 Space Show" slot, but I did. "Firefly" is now #2, JUST BARELY, but it's #2.
@Batman1016: Please don't insult The Expanse like that. It has a coherent plot, good worldbuilding, character motivations and political intrigue that make sense, and does not have illogical plots that are there just for shock value or scenes that exist just to show female nudity or have characters randomly snark at each other because the showrunners think it would be cool. So no, it's really not GoT in space.

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