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July 19 2017

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 11 #9. Find out what happens in "The Great Escape".

I didn’t like it. For all the build up for Buffy losing her chosen status there really isn’t much payoff. What was the point? Also, wouldn’t someone notice all those vampire bats beneath the Congress Bridge? I still have high hopes for the arc, but Buffy dealt with Jordan a little too easily. I hope it’s not the last we see of her.

[edit] Now I’m schooled about the real life urban bat colony under the Congress Bridge in Austin, on second thought that isn’t such a bad place to hide.

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I always wondered why Buffy needed to lose her powers to get out of the camp, since Slayers are exempt and she was in there by choice. I thought it was because she would be under constant surveillance if she still had her power, but it turns out she was anyway. In terms of the story, I see this as Buffy's final letting-go of the idea that going back to a normal life would make her happier. She's fully accepted now that she'll live a Slayer and die a Slayer.
I loved this issue, fast paced, furthered the story. Now into the final 3 episodes of the season. Biggest question is, who is the big bad? The president, or maybe Amy. any guesses?
The Vice President would be the most obvious... he was the first to call for interning magical people. But he may be TOO obvious to be the Big Bad.

I think the identity of the BB will be less important than the motivation.
I don't think the Big Bad has any affiliation with the government, it seems clear that he or she is manipulating the government's fear of the supernatural for it's own ends. For example, the Dolan Springs attack seems to have been set up by the mysterious Big Bad or at best a faction of the government.

I think Amy is a decent guess, but I don't know if it connects with her motivation. Last we saw her she just wanted to resurrect Warren.

Who is powerful enough to summon and control a Chinese storm dragon, manipulate the government, and drain supernatural powers?

Just some bad guesses I've had: Aluywn, Adam, Twilight, Rack, Kumiko, Pearl, resurrected Severin.

Some better guesses: resurrected Ethan Rayne, Wolfram and Hart (make sense after their reappearance in the Buffy series last season).
It could be Wolfram & Hart, working through agents in the government (including the VP), but it doesn't seem like their MO. A world with few or no magical people in it is not worth very much to them.

What I want to know is: does the Big Bad want to drain people's magic as an end in itself (to eliminate possible rivals/resistance), or is it mainly interested in using the stolen power to cast some kind of massive magic?

There should be some hints and foreshadowing in there. Hard to believe they'd spring someone totally new on us with only three issues to tell us all about his identity, motivations, let the Scoobies find a way to defeat him, and then deal with the aftermath and repercussions for the future.
I think we'll figure out that The Scoobies ARE the big bad. That in the beginning of season, their own inability to function without chaos created the chaos due to their ongoing proximity to the Book. Just a guess.
P.S. if it's shitty Trump and we get to see Buffy slay him, I'm sending a fruit basket to Darkhorse.
I think Vicki saying the concentrated magic smelt like Willow (most likely, the art positions kept shifting), was indicating that her magic had been used. So I am expecting that whoever it is is wanting to take all the power from the supernatural community for personal nefarious gain rather than to actually rid the US of magical beings. I can't see it being Amy without her having been in the book at all since S8, and last seen as a rat in A&F. W&H was one of my first thoughts a way back, but why would they be doing this? As said, it doesn't quite fit them. I hope if it is the VP, the most obvious, it will be for personal gain rather than as a political statement.

I also agree with comments I've seen a few times that it would have been better if we did see some negative fallout from all the demons/vamps being released too. They didn't suddenly all become trustworthy and good. The point was made right at the season start that there is a difference between souled/unsouled vamps still and we see them betray the group time and again even though we do also see harmless demons at times in the verse as well. It is the difficulty with the whole supernatural community representing oppressed 'others'. In-verse, time/experience has proven throughout the seasons that some species can't/shouldn't be trusted. It would be more true to the series and the greys of the world they operate in for some of the freed to have gone on to commit crimes as the human community fears rather than there only having been the set up.

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