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"Ha ha HA! Mine is an evil die!"
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July 22 2017

Funko announces wave 2 of BtVS Pop VInyl Figures. Previewed during Funko Funday event at SDCC, the new wave includes Faith, Giles, Dark Willow, Prophecy Girl Buffy, Xander and Xander with eyepatch.

YES!!! Been waiting for this forever!!!
I need that Prophecy Girl Buffy, and Dark Willow!
Am I the only one who really dislikes (being polite here!) Pop figures? Reminds me of the Mr. Potato head - same shape and eyes with different hair. Just no character to them.
No, you are not. Mr Potato Head (just like the rest of "Toy Story") is awesome, though.
Fantastic! Now we just need a second wave of Firefly Pops!

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