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July 22 2017

Four minute extended trailer for Justice League. Some Jossian dialogue at the end there.

Except for Wonder Woman, those costumes look like they were created by some demented baroque artist.
A lot more humor in this trailer than other DC films. One of the criticisms of the DC movies has been that the best parts of the movie are shown in the trailer. This trailer literally teases you into thinking about what might be happening in the movie. The trailer says no Lanterns and no Kryptonian. However, the last line by Alfred shows him interacting with an unknown character who Alfred said was expected by another character. I am assuming the character expecting the latter is Batman, however, I do think that the latter character is Batgirl (although at first I thought it could be Superman).
@Tausif, it has to be Superman. I mean, right?
yeah, Its probably superman. since he's a part of the cast but didn't appear in the trailer. I would have been more devoted to this had the kept Bale as Batman. I was suspicious when Joss endorsed Affleck as a replacement.
I know they said Green Lantern would not be in it, but that could also be deception. We know Superman is coming back, and DC movies are pretty predictable, but I'm hoping to be surprised. Batgirl would be cool.
Alfred's stone-cold face suggests to me it almost certainly isn't Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. If it was, I would expect him to have a much warmer facial expression and speech tone (even if he was surprised to see her).

More likely, it's just plain 'ole supposedly-dead-but-obviously-not-dead Superman.
Pretty good trailer. Good thing it's Jeremy Irons- and Gal Gadot-heavy -- that's right DC/Warner, play to your strengths. :)

I was happy to see more Amazons/more of Themyscira, as I was surprised the WW origin flick didn't circle back to Hippolyta and her people by the end. Glad they're using them some more (I won't expect anything in the way of character development or revelations for any of 'em, though), hope they don't slaughter them all over the course of these first two Justice League films.

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