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July 24 2017

Justice League extensive reshoots causing headaches for star schedules. Variety has published a interesting piece on the extent of Whedon's work on the film and how the actors are juggling their busy schedules to complete the film.

One wonders how much of the budget is being used to give Superman a shave.

At least if reshoots are extensive they're probably serious about fixing stuff structurally rather than just applying patches. (Not assuming anything about a film no one's seen. It's just structural story problems are rife in blockbusters, and Joss is just about the best around on story structure.) Wow, doing reshoots of an ensemble cast like this must cause a unique kind of agony. It's interesting that the end of the article talks about productions assuming they'll need to budget for reshoots. Obviously there are aspects of a film you can't see until it's been made, but you'd think they'd be able to find someone who can check the script for that kind of thing beforehand...

I like the idea that there will be lots of secret Joss material in there. The article mentions dialogue, but I'm guessing he'll have his eyes locked onto the character arcs.
The bit about Joss getting some credit at least as a screenwriter I find very interesting. Was somewhat aware about what happened to Rogue One, and it's fascinating how they solved the credits issue. It does involve guild rules I assume.

It's curious how this works for the role of directors when they play big roles on reshoots, compared to say the role of writers script doctoring, I say this compared to the case of Speed, where Joss work went completely uncredited, when later on the director himself admits that the final scrip was mostly Joss work, yet he didn't get the credit.

In a similar vein - but completely off topic - I am curious how Lucasfilm will credit the directors for the solo Han Solo Anthology movie, I assume something like what was done for Donner and Lester on Superman II.

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I'm somewhat meh on the DC movie universe overall, but I do like the thought of all of these actors getting added to the wider Whedonverse talent pool.
Avengers was like the ultimate work experience. Now bathe in the chaos.
The reshoots will probably end up costing as much as it cost to make Serenity.
Don't stop with the mustache.
After the first two movies, I would be fine with erasing Henry Cavill entirely.
@Numfar PTB- from what I've seen on Star Wars forums the popular assumption is that Ron Howard is going to reshoot enough of the film to get a sole directing credit. (As it'd be strange for Disney to make a huge press release about him being hired as the director for the film and then not give him a credit...and according to guild rules he's entitled to a sole credit if he shoots at least 51% of the film.)

While with Joss at the moment it seems like Warner Bros is going in a simillar direction to Tony Gilroy's role in Rogue One- he was announced as helping in the post production process and got a screenplay credit but didn't get any credit for directing, even though most accounts suggest he was heavily involved in directing the reshoots and the final edit of the film.
RobynH - I agree, Henry Cavill was excellent in the Tutors, but he is not thrilling me at all as Superman. I don't know if it's him or the writing being so bad but perhaps a complete change is needed.
I like Cavill just fine. I enjoyed "Man of Steel", although I understand the tone problems that people had with it. I felt about the same about "BvS" as everyone else. Those all look like Zac Snyder problems to me. If Cavill were allowed to smile occasionally, he'd be a great Superman.
Those all look like Zac Snyder problems to me.

Honestly wouldn't surprise me tbh. I'm not particularly familiar with Cavill's work outside of the DCCU, but I honestly think that all of Zack Snyder's films would be significantly better if he were just the producer rather than director. The projects themselves tend to be great. The casting tends to be great. The final films themselves tend to wonderfully lit and beautifully shot. Even the scripts themselves aren't necessarily all that bad (at least where major tentpole projects are concerned.) The thing is, I feel like there is almost always a noticeable disconnect between the actors in a scene, the script, and how the film itself is going about presenting those things effectively that ends up making the final product feel like less than the sum of its parts. And if that doesn't lie squarely in the director's domain, what does?

Case in point: that one scene in Man of Steel when Superman is confronted by the American soldiers whose commander directs them NOT to fire on him. Great scene. Great symbolism. Great visual framing, with the army commander lowering his weapon in a symbolic gesture of acceptance and the rest of his squad following suit. However the whole moment is ruined by the commander then going out of his way to tell his troops to lower their weapons rather than trusting them to follow his lead. Imo it's a classic example of a "show, don't tell" moment. Yeah, I'm sure the script originally had that line in there because that's what would make sense if you were reading it from a page. But in the world of visual movie magic you don't need it. And keeping it in there just takes away from the overall affect of the scene (since it splits the viewers' attention between audio and video representations of the exact same gesture.)

Every movie of Snyder's I've seen so far is filled with stuff like the above (Watchmen in particular.) He's really good at getting all the right components together. But then manages to slightly schlub the final product in a very unsatisfying way.

So yeah - needless to say, I'm very psyched about the idea of joss being in charge of the re-writing/re-shooting process for Zack Snyder project.
I'm sure I'd like this movie more if Superman had a mustache.
Zack Snyder is an interesting case study for me. I saw Watchmen in the theater (knowing almost nothing about the plot beyond: gritty, realistic, superhero movie) and hated it. I thought 300 was a joke. Then I saw the super, ultra, extra long director's cut of Watchmen on DVD and throughly enjoyed it.

I thought MoS, BvS and Suicide Squad were all appallingly bad and was prepared to write off the entire DCEU. However the only part of those movies I had enjoyed was the first 90 seconds of Wonder Woman's appearance in BvS. So, I went to see WW and thought it was among the half dozen or so, most thoughtful and entertaining superhero movies I have ever seen. Now with Joss possibly playing a role similar to what he provided in the Marvel Universe, I'm once again willing to give them a chance at least for whatever Joss movies might be coming..

At this point, for me., Zack Snyder's involvement in a movie seems probable to cause a disastrous result, but not certain.
I think Ricardo L. hit the nail right on the head. Have we so easily forgotten the Firefly casts fun with moustaches ? #SaveHenryCavillsMoustache
Mashable has a article indicating Joss will be helping Geoff Johns oversee the DCEU.Sounds like it's sort of like how he helped Kevin Feige oversee the MCU phase 2.
Which raises a question... do Kryptonians sport facial hair at all? And if so, what brand of razor blade does Clark Kent recommend, sharp enough to keep him clean-shaven even under a yellow sun?
He recommends bouncing heat vision off a mirror.
Sahjhan has it right. The comics have lots of examples of Supes with a beard. In some cases, a mirror wasn't good enough and he used a piece of the spaceship he came to Earth in as a baby to reflect his heat vision and shave.
Henry Cavill had a full on beard and moustache in 'Man of Steel'.
Henry Cavill looked smokin' hot with a beard in Man of Steel and they should let him have one again. If Clark's been "dead" (regenerating) in a coffin for months, he should have grown one and pop out alive with it.

It was bonus enough that they let him have a hairy chest, but I'll be greedy and hope for a beard as well.

Thought Cavill was good as Supes in MoS and what little we got to see (and hear!) of him in BvsS, but waiting for the bigger moments with him/for the films to hopefully wring a ton more emotion out of him. He's definitely the best-looking Superman, IMO, like he was ripped right off the pages of the comics.

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