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July 28 2017

How Syfy's 'Wynonna Earp' is paying homage to 'Buffy'. Showrunner Emily Andras talks to The Hollywood Reporter about the comparisons between her show and Joss'.

I thoroughly enjoy all 3 summer Friday night shows on Syfy. 3 great hours of inclusive women-led action genre shows to start the weekend. Sure they're low budget in a obviously made in Canada sort of way but each is so much fun.
I mostly only watch Dark Matter because they (smartly) put it on between two far, far better shows. Anyone not watching Killjoys and Wynonna Earp is into self-deprivation.
You're not wrong about Dark Matter, b!X. I still can't keep straight who is who after what 3 seasons? 3, 5, 6 whatever. In my head they are Stowaway, Cop, Captain, and Jayne.
As a Canadian I'm not sure whether to be insulted or just roll my eyes and remind everyone The Expanse and Orphan Black are Canadian made too. ;)

(Not that OB can actually say that in show or consistently ripped off the Canadian fans).
I like all three. Dark Matter is probably my favorite, actually.
I love Dark Matter. Great characters.
I didn't mean it as an insult, Dusk. There is a lot of lower cost Canadian sci-fi out there. I love most of it.

I keep watching Expanse hoping to connect with it on an emotional level but I just can't. Maybe this next season will be better. Production values and political messages are great in it though. OB is a higher production value show due to the co-production partnership with BBC if I remember correctly. In both Expanse and Orphan Black you can see the $$$ on the screen. That isn't true for Killjoys, Dark Matter and Wynonna Earp. But you can see the love. :)
FWIW, there's a Whedonverse connection in Dark Matter: Five was the youngest of the Buckner family in The Cabin in the Woods.
Oh it's a tradition for sci-fi to be shot in Canada. It's also a tradition for Canadian TV to have about the same 12 actors. Jean Yoon's been in The Expanse, Dark Matter and OB off the top of my head. Peter Outbridge in at least two as well.

OB counts as a co-production between Space Channel here and BBCA. It's at least half Canadian but despite giant hints they can't actually say the setting is in Toronto in-show. And much to Canadian Clone Club's chagrin the fan contests are consistently America First including a fan walk-on that included a trip to the *Toronto* set.
Tonight was actually my first live-watch of Wynonna Earp. Great episode. I've been trying to get into it for a while but after SuperCorp ship drama at SDCC, Earpers were inviting people to watch. It took a bit to get into, but I'm pretty hooked now. I definitely see the parallels of camp and the nuanced female/LGBT+ characters at the forefront.

(Orphan Black is also a favorite of mine.)
I've had trouble getting into Wynonna Earp. Judging by this thread, I'm sure it gets better. I like Killjoys, but so far this season, I'm not impressed. I like Dark Matter, because it has a Stargate vibe to it. I guess I'll try to bite the bullet and catch up on Wynonna Earp on Netflix.
Due to just finishing "Stargate", "Dark Matter" is currently very high on my list; but I'm somewhat hesitant about buying single seasons on DVD instead of waiting for the complete set down the line. "Killjoys" sounds interesting as well (never heard of it before today), while "Wynonna Earp" wasn't much to my liking. "Orphan Black" is a weird case. I think it's an amazing show and what I've seen was close to perfection, but I only get around to watch a new season every two or three years.
Wynonna Earp is in my opinion by far the best program on TV right now, bar none. I am already telling people that #emtothea is my #josswhedon, and I really mean it. Emily Andras is funny, a great writer and a great show runner and she has been able to find absolutely the best cast anywhere. She has Melanie Scrofano as feisty Wynonna, the find of the past few years in Dominique Provost-Chalkely as Waverly, and Tim Rozon as Doc, with Kat Barrell as Nicole Haught and Shamier Anderson as Dolls.All of the cast members interact via twitter with their fans, regularly, and Andras tends to be mother hen around them- the respect both ways is clear. And Emily does LGBTQI representation better than anyone, in my opinion. Wayhaught is a gorgeous ship, though the path of love does not always run clear as witness yesterday's episode. Honestly, no show has affected me as much as this one in something lie 15 years. It is a gem. And funny, funny, funny. The geoduck scene is a classic....
I love Waverly Earp, but then so does Wynonna, Doc, Nicole, Bobo (oh, Bobo), Champ, Nedley, and the rest of Purgatory.

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To anyone who's watched the first episode and is unsure, it gets a lot lighter and funnier. The first episode was a bit of a slog for me, but the characters quickly found their personalities after that. By episode 3, you're seeing the real tone of the show.
wynonna earp sometimes makes my teeth hurt with how cheesy it is.. i think it must be seeing btvs level camp in high definition lol
but it is a pretty solid show. though i personally think that lost girl s1 was stronger than we s1. but s2 has been getting better so far
I watched the first three episodes of Wynonna Earp but just couldn't get into it.
Welp, I stand corrected about OB's avoiding Canada thing *sob*.
Read The Expanse novels. They'll enrich your viewing of the series a ton. It's a beautiful show, but yes, the family vibe from the books just isn't there in the TV series with the Rocinante crew. It's also at a disadvantage in that we can't see inside Holden's head like in the books. Some things they get perfect, though. Alex (ship's pilot) is right out of the novels. Bobbie, the Martian marine, was well-cast (no problem with trading a Martian drawl for a Kiwi accent). There's a bunch to like. I think it'll end up being more of a big picture series.

I loved Dark Matter Season 1, but haven't gotten to Seasons 2 and 3 yet. It started slow, but built nicely into something pretty cool. It's a throwback, in feel, but it's a well-made throwback.

Watched the first ep of Killjoys Season 1, but haven't gotten back around to trying more yet. It was fun, but felt pretty empty-headed. Pretty cast.

Orphan Black was outstanding in its first season, dipped quite a bit in its second, and I have the remaining three to watch.

I'm not picking up any new shows right now, so not gonna try Winona Earp. I watch enough genre stuff and have more Marvel shows coming up and wanna eventually check out Westworld.

The best current sci-fi series (another one I'm behind on) is 12 Monkeys, IMO.

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AndrewCrosset, could I try to convince you to give it another try?
Well, I went into it really wanting to like it. I loved "Lost Girl" which the showrunner last worked on. I just couldn't get past the idea that I've seen it all before and it's just going to be episode after episode of redneck demons and trailer parks. Plus I'm not impressed with the acting of a couple of the main actors... the guy who plays the marshal, and the guy who plays Doc Holliday. (I had to turn on subtitles just to follow what he was saying, which I've never had to do before on any TV show... part of the problem is that the volume is too damn low on Netflix.)

What would you say to convince me to try again?
Well, I would say Wayhaught, for sure. :-) I would say Waverly Earp is the Willow of the program. I would say that the accent Tim Rozon uses for Doc is based on older US western accents, which has a lot of drawl. I would say that these actors love their fans, treat them with huge respect, and I would say that I loved Lost Girl as much as you, and love this even more. And I would say that Emily Andras has a way with words close to that of Joss, and she has a great ability to subvert, invert and just plain vert tropes. Plus, in season 2, one (minor) spoiler- Rachel Skarsten. Who even Wynonna says has marvelous taste in underwear.

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Andrew, I like the show and plan to watch the second season when it hits Netflix. However, if you didn't like the third episode, then the rest of season 1 probably won't be your cup of tea either.
Ah, the sudden need for (english) subtitles. I remember that. Had it with "The Wire". After +/- four episodes it was fine.

Regarding "Wynonna Earp", I've seen the entire first season and will probably continue because the people, I watch it with, liked it a bit better than me. But none of us loved it and if I had been on my own, I would've probably stopped after three episodes, too.
Personally, the best TV show bar none out there now is Twin Peaks, but you better really like Mulholland Drive Lynch more than classic Twin Peaks Lynch.

Oh, and Rick and Morty just came back.

Wynonna Earp has been on my watch list for a while.

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Try another sound track. I figured out, that my Netflix' volume is too low because my setup is not ready for 5.1. I have to change it to the regular sound at the start of every episode of most current TV shows. Otherwise it is not loud enough.
I'll try changing the sound... didn't even know you could. And I think I stopped watching partway through ep 3. Maybe I'll go back and at least finish that episode.

I've been surprised a few times recently by shows I was sure I'd like, but didn't. I've been meaning to watch Freaks & Geeks for years literally, sure I would love it... but I couldn't even get through the first episode.
AndrewCrossett- I could never get through Freaks and Geeks, either, and there a ton of actors in that show I love.
So "Killjoys" just got added to Netflix (in my region). Great timing.
I completely forgot that Dominique Provost-Chalkley, who plays Waverly Earp. also played Zrinka in Avengers: Age of Ultron! Small role, but there it is. Plus, this:

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I liked the first season of Killjoys very much it almost seemed like it was alternate stories in the Firefly verse. Dark Matter I watch consistently probably due to the characters, the family vibe they have and the sexiness of Melissa O'Neil if I'm to be completely honest.

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