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July 31 2017

The Buffy movie is 25 years old today. Oh vampires of the world beware.

Also known as the one with a Ben Affleck cameo......
I think of it as the one with the Hillary Swank cameo.
More like the one with the Ricki Lake cameo lol
I thought of it as the movie that gave PeeWee Herman a job after his humiliating arrest.
At nine years old, I stumbled upon the Buffy movie in a video store. I was very confused because I'd already seen -- and loved -- the show. Then I watched and learned to like the movie in a different way.

In my mind, this is what makes Buffy's legacy strong. It has it's own film equivalent to the 60s Batman TV show.

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Hillary Swank had lots of lines actually. Would have been better if she joined Buffy and Pike rather than let the vampires in the school gym.
It also showed Paul Reubens can be more than Pee Wee.
I think of it as the one with the Sasha Jenson cameo . . . . . [crickets chirping]

Come on, no Dazed and Confused fans? . . . . . [more crickets]

Grueller . . . . . . Grueller . . . . . . . Grueller . . . . . .
Paul Rubens can also play Tucker Cobblepot.
And the Gotham retcon version of The Penguin 's father, Elijah Van Dahl. Which was great acting on his part and much more heartbreaking than his zero dialogue child abandonner in Batman Returns IMO.
Nah its the one with Seth Green on a shot on the back of the VHS case but not actually in the movie. :P
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haha RobynH, that was actually my first thought, 'I don't remember Ben Affleck in it, I just remember that that Sasha guy from Dazed and Confused was in it'

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