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April 19 2004

Spin-off Ideas. I found this website while looking through some GeoCities stuff and it's got some great ideas about Spin-off's the author would like to see. Just click the link and then click Spin-off Ideas

I especially like the Andrew in "Faith" idea. It would be great! Tom Lenk is a genius. Plus there are some ideas about a Tales of The Slayer series which is okay.
P.S: I've emailed the author of the website and he says that the "Seven Crows" section will be up soon and will email me when it gets up and running

Lol, by posting the link, I think you may have caused the bandwidth to exceed. Might have to wait a while.

Andrew in a spin-off is always good, but I think his stories might be slightly limited. Buffyverse characters are known for complex development, and I can't really see Andrew going anywhere ; ). Maybe light and recurring, like Harmony on AtS.

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I think Spike and Andrew should be in a Faith spin-off. I also think Wood should be in it because the issues between him and spike would create good tension.

Other than that, my ideas for spin-offs are a Wesley and Illyria show and a show about Gwen Raiden. I find her fascinating and her character has all the elements that would make a show exciting: super powers, hotness, female empowerment, sexual angst. I don't think anyone else has though of her for a spinoff. They could add other characters from the Angelverse and I think it would be really interesting.

I also find the Tales of the Slayer idea very intriguing.

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i would not like a faith spin-off at all..........spike, giles, or willow all the way.............another slayer show is just to much, if they want a show about a slayer then bring back buffy :).............sorry to all those who like faith, i just think something new would be better.........thats why giles, or willow would be the best.
I guess I'll wait until later to see the site. I wouldn't mind a spinoff, something scaled down with what became some of the lesser-used characters: Xander, Andrew, Dawn, Clem, etc. Something a bit more light-hearted and a return to the smaller scale of Seasons Two and Three.
I think Spike's had more than his fill of character development and it's time to take a look at someone new. I definitely wouldn't mind a show about Gwen Raiden, especially if they made it a kind of supernatural "Alias" filled with lots of covert ops and intrigue.

Though if asked which character I miss most and want to see crop up in a new Buffyverse series, the answer would most definitely be Xander. I can't see him headlining his own series, but I'd like the opportunity to see his character evolve in a surprising new direction, much like we enjoyed with Wesley. Gwen/Xander - now wouldn't that be an interesting combo? He always did like gutsy bad girls.
I like that idea!!!

I do love Spike and Faith though.
More on my opinion: Gwen Raiden sounds really good. I was so dissapointed that she didn't appear in Season 5 of Angel so her own series would be good. I too miss Xander, and need him very much! What I'm most looking forward too however is the "Seven Crows" page that he's putting up. I've read the novel and I can see it has real potential in a mini-series. Even though he wasn't popular I liked Riley, he was fairly normal for a character in Buffy and that was without doubt refreshing

Regarding Spike, Saturn Girl is right. I've seen enogh of him. I like the Spike and Dru idea only because of the variety it would bring and the endless amount of possibilities, but I would only watch it because of Drusilla and the relatonship that they both share. It was totally unique and I loved what it brought to the show and graually became a highlight of the whole series to me

I think as well as the "Seven Crows" page, there is plans for some more spin-off ideas to be put on this website. I don't know if the guy is a poster on here, but he has certainly browsed this site a few times and there is a link on his page to us, so he obviously knows about us. I'm going to email him with your fedback and post a direct link to this page as the response seems pretty good
If there's a spinoff in the next few seasons I reckon having Spike in it is pretty much a sure thing. He's one of the most popular non-lead characters, and Joss seems to like the character, there's no way his story is over.

As much as I liked Gwen (and her outfits, or rather, her in her outfits) I'm not sure the character could carry a series. Doesn't the actress have a series now, a spinoff from some film?
I really like the idea of the Tales of the Slayer, they could do it several ways, or a mixture of ways. They could do a different slayer each episode, or a mini-series/mulitiple episode arch for different slayers...or a new slayer each season. I personally like the idea of a mix between the single episode and mini-series archs, depending on the complexity of the story behind the slayer. That way they could even bring in some of the characters of Buffy to the Angle, Spike, Darla, and Druscilla when they do past episodes, or some of the potentials in Season 7 with present day episodes.
What about a mini-series involving Willow, Giles, Wesley (if he survives Angel Season 5) and Illyria rebuilding The Watchers Council? And also I really want to see Lilah and Lindsay again. A joint partnership between Wolfram and Hart and the council maybe. Now that is something I'd watch
The problem with the Tales of the Slayer is that it would necessarily be an anthology show, without a recurring character to draw and hold your interest. There have been two attempts to revive the Twilight Zone, plus other syndicated anthology shows, and none have done particularly well. Also, the strength of Jossverse shows has always been deep continuity, and an anthology show would throw that out the window.

I'd watch the six episodes that would air before cancellation, though.
Yes, Alexa Davalos is in talks to do "Kyra," a spinoff of the 2000 film "Pitch Black," sees warrior Kyra join a band of mercenaries in a search for her mentor. I loved her character and wanted her to remain on Ats; i do think she'd be a good edition to any spin-off that included the angel cast or part of it.
I still can't believe its going to end!!! has anyone heard spoilers for 5.22(Not Fade Away)?
prophecyboy, there are spoilers on the Spoiler Slayer ( but they're huge, so if you don't want to be completely spoiled, be warned.
no kidding i am still reeling from reading them!
I think they are all great suggestions for spin-offs, but wouldn't anyone like to see a Fray mini series or at least a movie? Fray was a great character created by Joss that I don't think a lot of btvs/ats fans know much about. Also, I would like to see a Willow/Xander spin-off or possibly a Wesley/Illyria spin-off. I don't think a Gwen show would offer much depth and might not bring in enough people...especially if Fox airs it (i.e. Wonderfalls). The idea of a Faith show would be great though, or maybe even a harmony, illyria,and drusilla show... kind of like joss' answer to charlies' angels, but cooler. It could have Lorne and some other Buffyverse characters. But I'm very sure that any spin-off Joss chooses to make its bound to be a hit and will greatly ease our pain over the lose of both Buffy and Angel in a 2 year period.
I would love to see Fray! I just don't consider it TV material because it would be so expensive to make, with the flying cars and all. It would be much better as a movie. Which I think Joss should consider, definitely.
I would luv to see Fray, too... I think she has great possibilities... but even more possibilities as a movie instead of a series. I was kind of disappointed in the comic, tho... because the end was very similar to a certain Buffy season. Just an observation.
As for those spinoffs... I had thought of the Tales of the Slayers angle before, and I like it... but yeah, it would be awfully anthology like... and don't know how it would fare. I also LOVE the idea of Spike and Dru having their own series set in older times. That would rock.
My own idea... as fanboy-ish and cheesy as it is... was for Joss to assemble some of the great female characters from Angel and Buffy, who were mostly one-shot episodes like Gwen Raiden, Bethany Chaulk, Nina, Harmony and maybe Justine. All-girl cast, with villains as the core cast instead of 'heroes.' Just a thought. *sigh* yep, read too many comics as a kid. And yeah, I don't work in television for a reason. lol.
Awhile back when spin-offs were being talked about before Buffy ended I had said to my husband something similar to the Tales of the Slayers premise. I thought it would be really interesting to have a Slayer that you get to know over a period of months, years and maybe sometimes as little as a few days and then boom, she's killed and on to the next one. I had thought of this more as a mini series and ending with Buffy being called and just thought it would've been interesting, say, to meet all the slayers over a 200 year period or so or, depending on the length of the mini series maybe even from the beginning. There would be so much they could tell and of course a few of our favorite vampires could pop up here and there. An interesting way they could also do this would be to have SMG just have a small role in it and have it be Buffy having a dream that starts the story or have a scene with Giles reading the tales of the Slayers to a new group of Slayers to teach them the history of the Slayers that came before them. Another possibility they could do could be like a Quantum Leap type of thing where it is the same actress somehow reliving the lives of the Slayers that came before. Like have it be a dream sequence or a past life experience where a current Slayer has the memories of the Slayers before her but it's always her own face she sees in the flashbacks and maybe even the people she knows in present are there in her memories too.

And although I liked Fray, I thought it was too futuristic and too sci fi with the beings that morphed into monster type things over time. But I wouldn't mind something somewhat futuristic about the Fray character but toned done a bit to be more believable. That's what I loved about BtVS that even though you knew it was fantasy you could sit back and want to believe that it was real and with Fray I wouldn't be able to do that.

I also love the idea of a Wesley/Illyria spin-off or a Wesley/Faith spin-off or a Wesley and the watcher's councel spin-off. Okay, anything with Wesley would be fine with me. And of course, still waiting for Ripper to happen.
I like the idea of a Spike and Drusilla spin-off following their (un)lives before they came to Sunnydale. But I highly doubt any network would even consider it unless it had some "good-side" drawback. The idea of a Slayer and Watcher is perhaps that, but a show mainly about how Spike and Dru tortured, maimed and killed thousands of people wouldn't sit well with execs. Just look at the movie "Underworld". There were no good guys, and it flopped horribly (although it would have sucked even if there were).

Like Giles, I think Wesley has earned a spin-off, and he'd be great in anything like blwessels said. While Ripper would be a priority for me, I also think Giles would be great in any kind of spin-off with Wes/Faith/Spike. I was surprised to hear he wasn't going to guest star in "Damage" (it hasn't aired down here). That could have been the perfect opporunity to set up some character interaction with Spike and Wes prior to a spin-off.
I think Fray would make a good movie or mini-series. I would like to see it animated in a japanimation type style. I also like the idea of Spike and Dru because it would be cool to have a TV show where the main characters are bad guys. That made me think of one of the stories in Tales of the Slayer about a slayer who was turned into a Vampire. I always thought she would make a great Big Bad on Buffy, but it would also (IMO) make a great series, a slayer who was turned into a Vampire who is fighting the forces of good.
blwessels - I like your idea with the past slayers. I, for one, have always enjoyed anthologies. In both television and books. But, I think it was Stephen King that once said something like people overlook the beauty of short stories. And he's very right. As such, I don't think a show like that would be nearly as successful as your average series. Which is incredibly sad, because I'd love to see it.

I'm still hoping for Ripper or the Animated Buffy series. (Which is kind of a spin-off... right?)

Otherwise I wouldn't mind seeing a Faith show, if done correctly. I've mentioned my own personal idea here. I don't know that it would be my top pick, though.

I also like the idea of a Gwen show, they could even bring Gunn over to that. There was something about the Gunn/Gwen chemistry that I liked. Not necessarily on a romantic level, either.

I like the idea of a show based on the rebuilding and workings of the Watcher's Council, or maybe even something with a Slayer School. But the last would have to be done very carefully, otherwise it would just seem like an all girl Dawson's Creek or a watered down Harry Potter. For ease and more variety, a combination of the two would be nice. Plus, it would be easier to appeal to more demographics. This kind of spin-off idea would be great because it would be open to include anyone from the Buffyverse; especially Xander, Giles, Willow, and Andrew. There would be plenty of viable reasons to have cameos from others as well. Also? Good excuse to see more of Dana the psycho Slayer.

As far as Fray is concerned, I'm with those that feel it would be best as a movie. At the least, a well planned mini-series.
I would love to see anything of Fray filmed. Not very likely to happen anytime soon I think though. (How about a comic follow up at least??)

The Tales of the Slayer thing would be cool but I doubt it's going to happen. Shows without regular characters don't work well especially not lately. And outside Buffyverse fans, I doubt anyone would watch it. And there already weren't enough there to please networks lately. Not to mention the fact that new settings every time would be quite costly, especially since a lot would be period pieces.

Ripper, would love to see it but I don't see it making it as a running show. Maybe a british TV movie. As for other characters....I just don't see it. A Willow spin off would look like 'Charmed' to most people (which is pretty annoying when you think about how that show tried to rip off Buffy).

Faith....still would love to see it. Not sure how it would go in the current climate, maybe wait a year or so. As for costars, I think Spike is hard to think out of it. I for one am far from tired of the character, and I've always thought pairing him up with Faith in some way could be quite interesting. Wood was as dull as a table lamp and I have no wish to ever see him again. Andrew is funny, but as a constant sidekick he could get annoying maybe....don't know. Ah it depends very much on the concept.

Oh you know who I'd love to see in there? That crazy Slayer Dana. Especially with Spike in there too somehow. That could create some interesting dynamics. Maybe him and/or Faith as unwilling mentor(s)....I don't know. It's late and I'm rambling....
I would also love to see Dana the demented slayer and Spike in a spin-off. If he was somehow made to be her Watcher and be responsible for her would be really interesting considering she has memories of the past slayers and of him killing them. The whole process of her having to learn to trust him and him having to win her trust could encourage many story ideas and situations. This could also fit in with my idea of a Slayer with past life memories and reliving Slayers of the past. They've already shown that Dana has some of these memories and they are very vivid. That could be part of what makes her so different and special that she actually feels like she has lived the lives of other Slayers.
After contemplating the dozens of WhedonVerse series spinoff ideas of my own, and perusing the countless suggestions of fellow fans throughout the Internet, I've come to the conclusion that no network could ever broadcast anything better than the stories we have already conveyed to one another.

Maybe Whedon should leave us wanting more..? Or at the very least, leave us weaving tales to our own devices. Consider his universe a gift, and like Kevin Smith's View Askew Universe, let Whedon give us one final flight and then let him move on to bigger and better things.

Go out with a bang and not a whimper Joss, you Second Greatest Bird Of The Galaxy you!

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