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August 06 2017

ABC Boss confirms SHIELD return after Inhumans wraps. At the TCA today, it was confirmed SHIELD will return following the wrap of the other show, contrary to rumors of a later date.

What will this mean for the season premiere? Would it mean AOS may start in 2017, or would they likely hold off until 2018 since the plan is to not take any breaks?
Assuming Inhumans does double premiere and finale episodes AoS should have about 5 episodes in 2017 starting in November; and run January-May with almost no breaks other then holidays or political stuff.
Gotcha, thanks Dusk. I took it too literally (as I'm wont to do) and assumed there wouldn't be any breaks whatsoever, so that makes more sense.
It should dodge most of the political BS now that its on Fridays.
If they intend to run it the week after Inhumans finishes, we're looking at a start date of either November 10 or 17, depending on if they air the last two episodes back-to-back.

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