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August 11 2017

Justice League actor Joe Morton speaks about Joss Whedon's reshoots. He tells IGN that he thinks they were done to lighten up the movie.

The posts after the article are evidence there is no hope for humanity. I may be PO'd at Joss for certain reasons, but there's no refuting his talent or ability to improve a film. I think all of us are wondering what Frankenstein's monster he's going to Assemble.

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Hmm, I can't see the comments section. Are the complaints about how some of the posters don't want the DCEU lightened up/featuring more humor ?

Not every superhero film needs or should have much humor, IMO. DC/Warner doesn't have to copy Marvel's formula for their films to be successful. I'm that much more interested in checking out Justice League because Joss almost always makes great film & television, not solely for the humour he will probably inject.

But I take it many of the comments on IGN were a heck of a lot more hardline and vitriolic than that, many stating that they didn't want Whedon anywhere near the DCEU ?
Some of the earliest comments were about "Wheadon" being an untalented hack, etc. (which I'm understating, because I usually don't think in crass terms about most artists), but there were some very cruel comments about Zack Snyder's daughter killing herself, because the movie was so bad. Maybe those comments were removed. It's OK not to like Snyder's work (I don't like it), or Joss's work, but to be an asshole about someone at their lowest moment is reprehensible.

I tried finding the ones that caused me to react that way, but they are so far down the list (or gone), that I can't find them anymore. Fortunately, most of the rest of the posts are much more civil.

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