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August 11 2017

James Marsters explains why 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' is this generation's 'Star Trek'. "And if we become the new "Star Trek" then I claim Spock. Spock Spike, Spike Spock - either way."

My two all time favorite TV characters. Buffy supplanted Star Trek as my favorite series (though Game of Thrones may well take the Seven Kingdoms of TV in my mind).
Lack of good remasters on blu-ray and overall 20th Anniversary treatment says otherwise... unfortunately.
Wouldn't there have to be more BtVS and/or Angel spin-off series and movies across decades for the franchise to achieve that level of pop culture phenomenon to people coming of age and yet to be born over the next 30 years ? (going by Star Trek's endurance across 6 decades and Buffy's across 3 decades, so far?) Buffy has two shows and one film. Trek's got 6 (soon to be 7) TV shows and 13 films.

Also, Trek debuted when there were a lot less options on TV. I think more people in the world have Trek as a pop culture touchstone than they do the Buffyverse.

Just curious, which genre brings in more dollars -- sci-fi or fantasy ? (tough to categorize Buffy, but overall I'd put it in the fantasy camp) Which genre has more TV and/or film titles made within its category ?

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Kris Rodenberry was already an experienced veteran when he began Star Trek and could devote much of his second half to iterating the 'verse. Joss is by today's standards relatively young as powerhouse project runners go and is still marking out a space for himself. but I agree, Buffyverse projects which are in no sense direct continuations of either show (for example, a Cordelia comics mini-series showing in detail what a Higher Being in the Buffyverse might get up to) would be a good idea for him at some point.

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