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August 15 2017

Buffy the Complete Series 20th Anniversary Edition Boxset to come out in the UK as well. Amazon UK has a release date of September 25th for it. It'll be out in the US a week before.

Making a new DVD 39-Disc edition of Buffy in 2017? Now they're just fucking with us.
It's not new. Its the ones already out in, imho of course, worse packaging.
Not seeing a US version on somehow

But I did see a Blu-ray and DVD 25th Anniversary listing for the Buffy movie (which really hurts...).
The one is here and is priced $200 for some reason.

According to the Fox site, the new extras are

"Official Buffy Dark Horse Collectible Comic Book
Original Coloring Sheet"

Thanks for the tip about the Buffy movie, I'll dig to see if there's any new extras. I'm guessing there will be an anniversary boxset for Angel in 2019.
Are these the original episodes or the screwed up widescreen ones?

And I'm wondering about that "official comic book"... is it new, or one that we've already seen?
Wow. £80.57. As opposed to the non-anniversary complete set on Amazon for £39.95. I'd want some pretty impressive extras to justify that differential - including hand-delivery by Joss Himself!
It's the old DVDs, no widescreen.

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