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August 16 2017

Buffy movie to get a 25th anniversary release on Blu-ray and DVD. There's no word if there's going to be any new extras. This will come out on October 3rd in the US.

Hat-tip to D-e-f- for spotting the listing on Amazon.

At this point if they want to rerelease shouldn't it be 4K?
Or re-release the series on 4K,
and the movie on BetaMax. :-)
Is this the official Joss Whedon Remix version? All of Donald Sutherland's lines are manipulated to sound like Donald Duck.
I just want it digitally!
They should have done this five years ago at least, plus updated interviews with the cast
Thinking about this again, it could be worse. They could've released that horrendous 16:9 HD version that's been making the rounds.

Still, it's inexplicable that a Blu-ray hasn't been made yet. Serenity it's getting a 4K HDR release for god's sake.

What I want:
- Seasons 1-3 in HD in the original 4:3 aspect ratio with the option for 16:9 for those who prefer it
- Seasons 4-7 in HD in 16:9
- Filters and look similar to the original
- New special effects!
- Everything overseen by Joss
- Digital and Blu-ray release
- Interviews with the cast, the writers, new commentaries, more extra material

Unfortunately, it's probably not going to happen.

Edit: This was a mistake. I meant this on the tv show thread...

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"They should have done this five years ago at least"

They did. A blu-ray of the film has been around since 2011 (with a weird photo-shopped cover).
It's been on blu ray for 6 years. But it's a really bad UpRes transfer. Hopefully a little more effort goes into this release.

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