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August 16 2017

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy Season 11 #10. This'll be out on the 30th.

Any more guesses on the Big Bad? I'm kind of stumped. I hope it's not something lame like Jonathan 🙄
This feels like shades of Adam and The Initiative
Whoever it is, we'll find out this issue!
Thinking Adam is the big bad as well, and have been for a while. Especially after reading the preview.
Not sure we will. The deleted scenes cover for #11 was Buffy/Willow saying they now knew who was behind it whilst looking on the computer, or some such.
I would joke Moloch, but then I remember, unlike myself who weirdly love that episode, most people I know seem to despise it.
Also, I am like 2-3 issues behind on the season....
Adam seems like such a bummer. I mean, he's the lamest Big Bad right? They offed him in the penultimate episode because he was such a snoozer.
I don't think it's going to be Adam. For one thing, he's definitively dead (the First Evil impersonated him). For another thing... yeah, lame.

Still no idea who the BB is. I've suspected the Vice President right from the beginning because he was the one who was so eager to lock up all the magic people... but that would be too obvious. I'm guessing he's a stooge for somebody bigger.
@AndrewCrosett Being "dead" didn't stop the first from impersonating Warren who never died till the end of season 8.
Wasn't the excuse that was made for that slip up that Warren 'died' briefly before Amy saved him?

I'm really hoping that another party has been using prejudice/fear in their favour and although the Government are involved it will be someone with a separate agenda pulling the strings (possibly tying to the environmental links people have noted). The VP was too flagged from the start to be a satisfying reveal on its own.

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