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April 19 2004

Tim Minear Firefly interview. To coincide with the release of the Firefly DVD in the UK, BBC Cult chats to Tim. Interesting quotes regarding the movie and how Torres came onto Angel (Realplayer only).

Dear BBC Cult team,

what happened to the text versions of your interviews?

yeah, I'd love to read it. The internet gestapo here at work won't allow the video to work!
Same here! Sadly, I almost want to go home and watch it at lunch....
Worth listening to, Eliza, fate's will enjoy these!
Despite already having the box I went looking for Firefly sets today, and found them in WHSmiths and Woolworths priced 29.99 and 27.99 respecively, Sainsbury's (surprisingly) didn't have it. There were no big display things (I know cos I was going to try and get it if there'd been one from the Woolies I part-time at), so you have to look for them. I highly recommend this set to all Region 2 people, it's bloody brilliant.

Surprised it hasn't been advertised very much, (the trailer in the Season 7 box is dreadful), I would have thought Universal might have tried to push it a bit.
That's a nice interview.
Yes, very nice. This would have been nice as an extra on the DVDs.

And does anyone else notice the subtle mannerisms and inflections that seem very Joss-like? I always find it interesting when friends pick up small traits from each other.

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