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August 17 2017

(SPOILER) Details and cover art for Angel Season 11 #11. This issue will be out on November 22nd.

Also solicited in the listing but for a January release is the second volume for the Angel Season 11 TPB, collecting #5~#8.

Not surprised by the smaller volume, due to how the season arc have been rolling out.

The release date is curious, as it means there's a 3rd volume for Angel including #9~#12 ahead. But, the season itself concludes with #12, likely released in December, the 3rd TPB won't be out until March or April 2018. There's also the 2nd TPB for Buffy for S11, which hasn't been solicited yet, but it'll probably get a February or March 2018 release. What does this mean for the likely, but for now only speculated S12 schedule? What about the Giles goes to high-school mini series, is it just going to the same limbo where Twist, Goners and Wastelanders seem to be living now.

So many questions.
I've sort of fallen out of the pattern of reading theses issues. I must catch up soon, although I probably have a fair few issues to get there.

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