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August 17 2017

Read the draft scripts for the Buffy Season 7 episode "End of Days". There's also an interesting insight from Jane Espenson in regards to the Buffy Season 5 episode "The Replacements".

What does N.D. in the teleplay stand for?
It's clear they are referring to non-speaking or extra roles.
Is it as simple as 'No Dialog'?
ND = non-descript

So if a script calls for a bunch of "ND Passerbys", then background casting will make an effort to hire a bunch of unremarkable-looking background actors ("extras"). They don't generally want any striking model-looking folks, or the punk girl with a pink mohawk, or an obvious amputee (that came to mind because there're a number of amputees I see semi-regularly working on set).
I find the process of change for "The Replacement" to be the most fascinating. Amazing how a simple change in name - Kharloth to Toth - makes such a difference in my perception of the character.
Yes, the drafts for 'The Replacement' are like a masterclass in writing. Even from the teaser you can see how she keeps adding more layers to build on the themes and character arcs of the episode, and then finally she cuts it down so it's concise but packs everything in.
And then I forgot to comment on the main story - interesting how the same shifts are not so clear in the "End of Days" scripts. Still change but just not as marked.

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