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April 19 2004

Adam Busch (Warren) new series slated for summer debut on FOX. Drama The Jury, created by Academy Award winner Barry Levinson (Homicide), premieres on Tuesday, June 8, at 9 p.m., with repeats Friday at 9 p.m.

"Fox has, once again, started a television revolution," Berman said. "This time we are creating a real year-round schedule."

To bad they couldn't have done this to Wonderfalls.

Adam roll will be Steve Dixon,in the series.

I like the idea of a year-round tv schedule. I get bored in the summer because there's nothing to watch but reruns.
yeah, but im would we have awesome season finales that make you more excited for the next season? or are the shows gonna be the same style, only have certain ones start in the summer?

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I'm excited for this show; as a big Homicide fan, I'd follow Levinson and Fontana anywhere, even though I'm sick of the whole legal show genre. At least it's a new take on the premise.

(And I'm glad to see that Andy Richter is making another go at it, too.)
This word "fresh" is driving me absolutely insane. Since when did the word new become passe???
Also, in reference to that post a few days ago that featured the phrase "snappppp," well, all of the kids have been saying it at school.

Maybe it's a revolution?
Actually i think it's going to be kinda split, at least that is how the year round programming has been described in the past. You'll have shorter seasons as well I think insteadof having 1 show on the same night every week over the course of 52 weeks. You will find 3-4 different series in the same slot over the course of a year. You'll have one run for it's entire episode run, then you'll go to the next series, and then the next and if the series does well then you'll see it's return I think most series will end up with a 12-16 episode season except for a series like 24 (natch). That way there are no real reuns and they can go straight to DVD before the next season airs, not to mention selling the cable syndication rights for a higher price.
Too bad they couldn't have done this for Firefly as well.
Ohhhh yes...if this show is anything like Homicide (one of the grittiest, greatest, most ground-breaking network series ever), this spells good watching.

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