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April 19 2004

Message from James' manager about the upcoming "Head Shaving for Charity". "The top 10 donors will receive a personalized autographed photo along with a lock of Jamesí hair. To make a donation go to: before Monday, April 26, 2004. Mark your donation in honor of James Marsters."

Great idea! I'm sure they'll get a ton of money with this offer! I wish I could afford to donate enough to be one of the top donors and give it as a gift to my daughter. A lock of Blondie Bear's hair would be something my daughter would probably sleep with every night!
Damn my teenage poverty status. =(
Well, as much as I can't stand the Ryan Seacrest show, I'm going, so maybe I'll get to see him in the courtyard afterward, though being bald....not sure how great that will look!
What a cool idea, good for him. For some reason, the idea of cloning James Marsters from a lock of his hair is now stuck in my mind.
Oh, my. Can you imagine a legion of California surfer guys with a jones for Shakespeare and a British accent copped off of Tony Head?

I like James a bunch but one is enough, thank you?
The first question that comes to my mind though is, how legitimate is this message? Does anybody know who this CindyCic is, and where she got this information? I'm not assuming that it isn't legitimate, I mean it may very well be, but there are several critical bits of information that seem to be left, and why aren't we hearing this from other sources...

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Well it's been said before and my wife's coworker knows someone who works on the Ryan Seacrest show, so....And yeah, like she said up there, we're going on tuesday. Ah it'll hopefully be fun, even though watching Seacrest is not unlike a lobotomy, from what I've seen of it. I shudder to think what it will be live. Then again, we may not look cool enough and not even get in, hehe.

Also, James, bald? He'll look like he's from a prison camp with his pale, skinny build....not a good idea.'s for charity.
forcorreo...I received this same message in my email this morning from the GOTR/UK Newsletter. It's very legit. I'm just surprised this info isn't also in James official US site. The only bad part is I won't be there (I'll tape it).
Forcorreo - I just received the official e-mail Ghost of the Robot newsletter, and it looks like CindyCic just copyed and pasted that onto the message boards, since the information is exactly the same.

How I'll miss my Blondie Bear!
Please put quotation marks around text if you are quoting from another source. We like to differentiate between what's copied and what's original writing.
Yes...I'll miss Blondie Bear's going to be hard to watch this. I know it's just's symbolic too. I know James and we too have to say farewell to Spike for now...but I do truly hope that we will get movies and that James will reprise the role again. I will NEVER say goodbye to Spike...just can't do it.....I'll just say...see you later....
Are they shaving on camera? Because the legendary peroxide sores are probably going to put a damper on the festivities... though maybe filming has been done for long enough that he's no longer oozing...
Bald, he sure has guts
Is it just me, or does it seem a little egotistical to do this in advance of actual charity donations? Just based on the assumption that so many people love you that they will pay for locks of your hair? When I first heard of this, I assumed his castmates challenged him and agreed to donate a nice sum of money, but now it's just kind of presumptive action. Heck, maybe he wanted to do it anyway, but decided at the last minute to do a charity tie-in, that's one thing, but I still can't imagine this being his idea. Of course, I can't imagine anyone wanting to be bald!
I'm sure someone approached him or suggested it to him that he should shave his head and donate his hair. The bleached blonde hair is so much a part of the character that it is almost a thing of it's own, like a stage prop and look how big the response was to the Buffy auctions on Ebay. He strikes me as a decent person in real life and that this could be somewhat embarrasing to him that people would want to buy his hair but that the idea that it is also to raise money for charity would be persuasive.
I am sure that with all of the screaming ladies he's had to endure over the last few years, he is well aware of the worth of locks of his hair.
Maybe this idea spawned from the last time the boys were on the show. James and Andy joked and expressed their anguish (james over the hair, andy over the makeup).. so maybe behind the scenes they joked about it..
Actually...I think it's a pretty brave thing to do. In a world that puts so much emphasis on peoples's pretty brave for him to humble himself this way. The guy champions the Pediatric Aids charity and if what he's doing will earn money for be it. The giving is whats important. Beleive will be hard to watch....but I bet it's also hard for James to do as well. I give him a lot of credit. Bald is not a real attractive look IMHO....but James is just a truly BEAUTIFULL person.
"... the idea of cloning James Marsters from a lock of his hair is now stuck in my mind."

Tee hee! That was my first thought when this was initially rumored to be happening. It kind of creeped me out. Maybe someone will braid a lock of it into some hair jewelry like the Victorians did in remembrance of loved ones. A little bleached token to memorialize Spike. I wonder if he's going to shave it off himself or what? I personally would like to see Joss do it. Or maybe Juliet Landau.
"Is it just me, or does it seem a little egotistical to do this in advance of actual charity donations? Just based on the assumption that so many people love you that they will pay for locks of your hair?"

Well, when you consider how many people are paying for Platinum tickets ($1000 each) at an upcoming Vulkon event, just to spend some quality time with the Marsters, JM would have to be pretty naive to not understand the value of his celebrity. Not to mention the hundreds of other fans who'll be spending $200-300 for more plebian tickets at cons this spring/summer. Blondie Bear is big business!

It's lovely of him to make such a daring gesture to benefit charity. In a town where an actor's looks are his main currency, it's an incredibly ballsy thing to do.
I do think he is very much aware of the popularity of "Spike" and he knows it is Spike's hair that the fans will be hoping to get a lock of. I also think it is very symbolic on his part, a way to say goodbye to Spike for him and acknowledge to himself it is time to move on.

I also love the idea of having someone key shave it off. I think David would also be a great candidate to do it considering all Angel's comments about Blondie Bear's golden locks. Or they could have "Harmony" come out and Mercede's could really play it up, "ooh, Blondie Bear, would it be okay if I keep a lock for myself, you know, for sentimental reasons?"!!

Or how about Billy Idol?
Well I personally admire James for doing this. The Pediatric Aids is a chairty he's raised money for previously and this is a way to do some more fund raising. James is probably the least egotistical person around. I too thought this came about during his last visit on the show. I'm sure it won't be easy for James to sit there and have all his hair shaved off in front of a national audience, but this is say goodbye to Spike and benefit a favorite charity of his.

I know people have spent a lot of $$ at the other cons and concerts; purchasing tickets to the Vulkon event and/or GOTR concerts. I understand completely the though here; people have and are spending a lot to go to these events. However, no one is being forced to donate here. Personally, I will donate as its a very worthy cause.

I applaud James Marsters for what he'll be doing.
"... it is very symbolic on his part, a way to say goodbye to Spike for him and acknowledge to himself it is time to move on."

The fact that he is willing to share that with fans (on TV no less, with the remote possibility that the symbolism of the act might hit him harder than expected and he freaks out a little. I hope that doesn't happen, but it would make for interesting viewing!) and that it also benefits charity seems like a generous thing to do. He may also 'seperate the wheat from the chaff' and find out who just loves Spike and who admires the talents of quite a remarkable actor --who just happens to be pretty easy on the eyes. It's a new beginning and I hope he feels relief and freedom and hope at the end of it.
If Mercedes did it - I'm assuming she'd have to change "blondie bear" to "baldie bear" :D
aresnz, Arwen- Thanks, I was wondering what the source of the info was, cuz it just seemed to come out of nowhere.
What a guy. What a wonderful man. I gotta tell you guys, I saw him spreadeagled naked aka the 'Da'Vinci perfect man moment' at the Goodman years ago and I remember being so impressed with his talent and his 100% commitment to the team effort. And consider the way he has opened his heart as an actor. Not easy. You can have the most beautiful body in the world and there is still personal risk. It takes humility not huberious for such risks. If you doubt me--try one and see what happens inside your head.

Beautiful or not it takes faith in the bigger picture and I'm sitting here nodding my head in respect.

I think he's the real thing.
It's nice that he's doing this for charity, but...Way to encourage the crazies. Owning a lock of your favorite character/actor's hair ? Creepy.'re the first one I've ever seen to comment on actualy seeing James back then in the "Da'Vinci perfect man moment" back in Chicago. It's good to hear how James' talent was very noticeable back then and that he did whatever it took for the team. He's a very humble person who never forgets his roots.

James always had a vision for the bigger picture..and this now proves it.

He will always have my utmost respect and admiration.

James..YOU ROCK!!

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