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April 19 2004

Wake Up And Smell The Garlic "Buffy the Vampire Slayer left the air last year, but the blood-sucking demons hunted by Buffy are still hot media properties. Two major films featuring vampires should swoop into theaters this year."

When I first saw the promos for Van Helsing I immediately thought it was Buffy but a guy playing the role and set in the past. I think it looks good though.

I hope Underworld 2 is better than the first one. They need to get a better script writer.
Agreed. I'm not too sure about Underworld 2. They must be paying Kate A LOT of money. On the other hand, Van Helsing sounds great. Can't wait for that.
Van Helsing is going to be good. Plus there are some references to it in Buffy and Angel. lol
I hope Van Helsing will be good. It SHOULD be good, but early buzz is mixed at best. Wasn't a big fan of the Mummy movies so I'm not sure about Sommers. And the guy playing Dracula doesn't fill me with hope this will be a classic interprettion of the character. Or even a decent villain. Plus I can already tell we're 'working for the vatican' which always bugs me a little (not quite a catholic, sorry) and I hear Frankenstein's monster get's religious tendencies. And living in america, I'm getting kinda tired of that lately. Kinda.

Then again, it looks amazing, Kate Beckinsale is hot and Hugh Jackman certainly deserves to be the next big leading man. Heres hoping.

Underworld First one was nice in atmosphere and look, but they sort of forgot to write a half decent script. To my shame, the main thing in it for me is the simple fact that Kate looks gorgeous in tight black vinyl. I'm a perv. Sue me. If she doesn't even wear that in II, count me out. Elton John musical about the Vampire Lestat?? Hey I like Elton John and I like Lestat, but I'm not so sure the twain should meet. Some stuff should not be a musical...
Maybe the musical should be "Lestat Meets Elton John".

Very short, I am sure, but very entertaining! :-)
I actually enjoyed Underworld. It may not have been the best movie out there, but I don't consider it the worst. Not compared to a few stinkers I've seen. I hope the second is even better. ;-)

Word on Van Helsing is that it's worse than the sequel to The Mummy, which is depressing because the trailers make it look decent. ::le sigh::
I think that Van Helsing looks awful, and the early reviews I've read haven't changed my mind. Flying vampires? CGI werewolves? A Hulk-like Frankenstein? Bleh. Maybe I'm just slightly old fashioned, but I definitely prefer the old school make-up and creature design special effects. That funny sound you hear is Bram Stoker spinning in his grave.

As for Underworld, it was also pretty terrible. I think that the vampire movie is in a bad place right now, though werewolves seem to be thriving. Films like the Ginger Snaps trilogy and Dog Soldiers have really reinvigorated the werewolf genre. Now if only someone could make a decent vamp movie again -- lame Mummy-like CGI not included.
cant wait to see van helsing, looks awesome......same for underworld 2, the first one rocked. and the third blade movie i am sure will be incredible, the first one was great, the second one was better so i hope they continue the trend. i dont see anything wrong with the vampire movies these days.
Only sad note: The writer made no mention of Angel leaving the air this year (heck just looking for any publicity to increase viewership at this point).

Only glad note: He didn't mention the return of DS next season.
When I originally saw the teaser posters for Van Helsing - especially the one that gave off this Vampire Hunter D feel - I was very excited about seeing the movie. But the more promotions I saw for it, the more my enthusiasm began to fade. For me, the effects are completely killing it.

While I still wouldn't mind seeing it, I will probably wait to see it free when it goes to the cheap theaters, or out on DVD or cable.
Oh god, Underworld 2? The guy who played Kraven (spelled with a K, for extra menace!) was probably the worst actor I've seen in any mainstream production.

Van Helsing'll be fun though. Wolverine vs. the mega monsters I can handle.

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