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April 19 2004

The 100 Greatest TV Characters of All Time Poll. Vote for Angel as your "favorite non human character" in this BRAVO TV viewers' choice online poll (voting ends Friday).

I imagine you can also nominate Wes, Gunn, Spike, Lorne or Fred in the "who is your favorite character in a currently running show" bit.

Yep, voted for Spike in that one. Could've gone for Wes too, but the like o' Spike goes way back...
I went for Wes in the end, it was a toss up between him and Spike regarding which character developed the most since they first appeared way back on Buffy.
Going with Lorne in the abject hope someone will notice and give him a storyline.
Oh yeah....Spikey got my vote as usual......
Another Lorne fan here. He sings the sweetest.
I went with Wes, cause I detest Spike and Lorne's green.
Spike...of course. I love Lorne (oops..."lovelorn"...d'oh!), and Wesley has indeed undergone some astonishing changes, but I'm with EdDantes.

And on a different Wesley note, I'm betting Wesley Crusher does not sweep the voting for favorite child character.
Eww.No Wesley Crusher please. Spike and Wesley both changed very much but with the whole "evil-business" and all, I have to say Spike's just ahead of Wesley on "change" department. Voted for blondie.
Charles Gunn, the man with the plan, garnered my vote. J. August Richards is far too often overlooked, and he's really done his most stunning work this season.
Spike, of course...
I voted for Harmony!
I change my vote! Principal Snyder all the way!;-)
Phantom Dennis!!!

Where the hell (?) has he been, by the way?

Loofah forever!
Heh, I'm a traitor, I went with Nate Fisher from Six Feet Under. But if I wasn't going to vote for a character from Angel for my "favorite from a currently running series", I can't think of anything better to award than an HBO series (or The Shield on FX). It was either Nate or someone from The Sopranos (I'd say Carnivale as well, but it's a bit early in that show's life yet. Same with Deadwood, which I'm not completely sold on yet. Loved Brother Justin and a bunch of the side characters in Carnivale, though).

My Angel pick would've been Wesley. Amy Acker could overtake him. She's really owning Illyria so far, I'm enjoying her much more than I did Fred most of the time. J. August Richards also really deserves kudos, but I don't feel like he's given us his best in consecutive episodes yet, and I still think the writers have yet to show us the best that they're capable of giving us of that character...I have a feeling that by season's end we'll see it though.

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