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April 20 2004

'Best of Buffy' DVDs headed for Region 1? picks up on a rumour that Fox could be releasing the 'Best of Buffy' and 'The Slayer Collection' (best Angel, Spike, Faith and Willow episodes) DVDs in North America.

And in case anyone is wondering what episodes are on these DVDS (piss poor recycled extras from what I can gather btw).

Best of Buffy - 'Becoming - Part One', 'Graduation Day - Part Two', 'Hush' and 'The Gift'.
Angel - 'Angel', 'Innocence', 'I Only Have Eyes For You' and 'Amends'.
Faith - 'Bad Girls', 'Consequences', 'Graduation - Part 1' and 'Who Are You'.
Spike - 'School Hard', 'Lie to Me', 'Lovers Walk', and 'Fool for Love'.
Willow - 'Phases', 'Doppelgangland', 'Wild At Heart' and 'New Moon Rising'.

And a reason why these 'best of' DVDs are becoming more popular.

Hm. Being all rabid as I am, I don't see the point, but for folks with a more passing interest, yeah. I can definitely see the appeal.

I just wish they wouldn't halve two-parters. Sheesh.
These DVD's are only worth it if you haven't got the full box sets. There is nothing new on them. Not worth the money at all. I have the Spike one in R2, but I won't be buying any more. I only bought this one because I thought there might be something different on it and I'm a big JM fan. But there isn't. Don't waste your money on them.
I was going to say pretty much what has already been said. I don't get how they came up with some of these episodes. And WHY halve a two-parter?

Really, only for the die-hard completists, or those with a "oh, maybe I'll buy this today..." attitude.
What a shame that 20th C. Fox Home Entertainment is blowing such a grand opportunity. They'd probably sell tons more of these if each set came with some interesting new commentary or other extra. God knows the genre fandom are suckers for that sort of thing. Well, I know I am.
Well, they make good gifts... I got "The Slayer Chronicles" (the episodes with Faith and Buffy from Season 3) on DVD for Christmas from a friend, and it made a really thoughtful gift that was more affordable than a whole box set. It didn't, however, have anything extra from Season 3, but it was still nice. Maybe that's an up side of something like this!
Personally, compared to other shows on DVDs I think the BtVS, Angel and Firefly sets are already reasonably priced. I never really saw Farscape until a few episodes near the end and thought it looked interesting but when I went to check out how much the DVD sets were they were really high priced compared to the shows from the Whedonverse. I really can't imagine a fan of the show not wanting the complete season of each season and only wanting a few shows here and there. The only DVD that I truly would've been interesting in buying seperately was the musical. I know over in Europe it was offered that way and I was so jealous! I would've loved that with a behind the scenes featurette.
I agree with what's been said...I might have bought the best of, but I hate that you get half of Graduation Day and half of me those episodes are only complete with the other part. I would have loved it if it was Hush, The Body, The Gift, and Once More With Feeling. I would also like a Faith one if it had the two episodes from Buffy season 4 and then the two episodes from Angel season 1. They could also do other cross over sets with Fools for Love and Darla, and Pangs and I Will Remember.
I actually would love to have an entire set of all the flashback scenes with Angel, Spike, Darla and Dru and put in the correct order. It would feel like it's own little series. They could just call it the Vampire Chronicles.
blwessels, I'd love to see that as well. But I think the only way we'll see that, is if some devoted fan puts it together. Also, we have to wait until they've finished with the series - maybe even movies? - before we'll have everything to include in it.
I think that a set of 'Hush,' 'The Body' and 'Once More with Feeling,' plus all the special features that go along with those episodes, would be pretty appealing to somebody who was otherwise not interested in buying a whole set of episodes. Or one with 'Innocence,' 'Passion' and 'Becoming' (parts 1 and 2 of course).
Also, it would be cool if there were some way to custom make your own set, choosing your 4 favorite episodes or whatever. Take any given person and the 4 episodes they'd most like are going to vary wildly. If there were a relatively simple and inexpensive way to do that, it might be the best bet for Fox.
forcorreo, I think that Surprise should be included in that line up too. I think five episodes could fit on one disc. They could also make season series. Highlights of each season, Like they were doing with the VHS sets but stopped.

blwessles, I really like your idea of all the flashbacks edited together, that would be great. Good Ideas.

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