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October 22 2002

Nikki Stafford interviewed The author of 'Bite Me: The Unofficial Guide to the World of Buffy the Vampire Slayer' disusses the future of BtVS, why the show is so popular and why it will never win a 'good' Emmy.

Feh. I disagree with lots of what she says.
Details, Roxanne?
Like the show not surviving without SMG, for one.
Naah, I agree with that. It can't be Buffy without SMG. It would have to become a different show. Possibly a very good show (definitely if Joss is deeply involved), but Buffy is too central.
Of course, assessments of talent can only be subjective, but IMO SMG is a lousy actress who should go back to soaps, where her small talent lies - emotive melodramatic acting.
I'm probably just stating the obvious, but I meant that Buffy the character rather than SMG the actress is central. But you can't lose one without the other. I would not like to see "Buffy without Buffy", but a really good series conclusion followed by a spinoff with many of the BtVS characters in the Buffyverse would be a very cool thing. Sorry, I'm picking nits here.

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