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April 20 2004

Wonderfalls Update From Tim Minear. Mentions the WB and "netlet" situations.

Later on he says that The WB will be viewing the episode "Lovesick Ass."

Yay! That's cool... my mom watched one episode of Keen Eddie before it disapearred, and recently found it on Bravo and couldnt be happier. Hopefully Wonderfalls will find a place, and maybe in doing so, an audience it wouldnt have found on fox.
Hopefully WB makes a smart decision (for once in their short history) and takes on Wonderfalls. Its a great show with some elements of Dead Like Me and so much new stuff that its just so great to watch! I mean if WB took on Wonderfalls it would somewaht...but not fully...lessen the blow of lossing Angel. And one more comment for the Wb, Highschool Reunion: Redneck High, 7th Heaven, and all of their sitcom's are not quality televison, but they are good examples of what not to watch...
I hope it gets picked up, and I'd watch it on the WB, but b*tch and moan about it the whole time. I curse that network and Levin...
Could someone PLEASE clear this up for me once and for all? How is "Wonderfalls" in any way similar to "Dead Like Me" other than the fact that the young lead female characters in both shows have similar Gen Y personalities? I love both shows and I've seen every single episode available of both, but I've heard a lot of people, none here that I've seen actually, say that "Wonderfalls" is just a rip of of "Dead Like Me." That to me is like saying "BtVS" is EXACTLY like "Firefly" cause both shows have a young woman with extrordinary physical abilities. I don't know what else to say on the matter.
Well, Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me do have a similar feel since Bryan Fuller created both of them. However, to call one a rip-off of the other is ludicrious.
I only watched the first three episodes of Dead Like Me, but I think what people mean is that George from DLM and Jaye from Wonderfalls both have that disillusioned 20-something thing going on and they both sound a little bit alike (no doubt due partly to creator Bryan Fuller's involvement in the early stages of Dead Like Me. And then he left 'cause Showtime wanted the show to be something else. Seeing as I wrote off Dead Like Me after its third episode and was still with Wonderfalls after its fourth, I guess we'll attribute that to the Brian Fuller touch, plus Tim Minear gets some credit as well as the rest of the writers). You're right that a comparison between Buffy and Firefly like that would be lame, but I think the Wonderfalls/Dead Like Me comparison is a little easier to swallow. They're both programs with quirky concepts and sarcastic female Gen Y leads. What I strongly disagree with is what you pointed out, the unfair label of "rip-off". Wonderfalls is a different enough animal, the cast overall was stronger from what I saw, and if you really wanna argue the case for why it's not a rip-off, then you could say that Wonderfalls is Bryan Fuller realizing what he couldn't at Showtime...See, ya let the network take over and meddle as whoever ended up as showrunner for Dead Like Me did, and the show survives. You stick to your vision, and your series gets cancelled at Fox.
I've heard it said that while both Jaye and George share a similar snarkiness, George's character doesn't have "heart" and is more a whiner. Again, just heard others say that - I've never seen DLM myself.

And yes, seen the interviews where Bryan Fuller is less than thrilled over what happened with DLM (especially in regards to a gay character going straight or something...).
Both shows use a young female character as an instrument of fate (George as a reaper and Jaye with the various objects speaking to her), and much of both shows is about how these two women deal with what they can and can't control and also with the evolution that comes with being a twenty-something female. To me, that's about where the similarities end for the most part. I like both shows, but I think Wonderfalls is not nearly as dark as Dead Like Me. And since Dead Like Me is on Showtime, George can say "fuck" a lot where on Wonderfalls we get to see where Jaye thinks it, but doesn't get to say it!
both DLM and Keen Eddie are great shows too
dunno why they keep deleting my post... but voting is up again on
its in 10th place...just a 100 votes down from 7th place

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