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April 21 2004

Bring Alexis Denisof home by downloading and printing off this lifesize poster of him.

Presumably there will be J.August Richards and Andy Hallett posters as well.

Yes! Finally one I actually want to put up!
So, they seem to be doing one a week at the moment, with David, James, Alexis and Amy done, that leaves J. August Richards, Andy, Mercedes and hopefully Charisma.

C'mon Mercedes and Charisma life-sizes, Amy needs company on my wall!
I'm hoping that these files will still be available in the near future. You know, when I've moved & can plaster my walls with all of my fandom.

I have a plan to royally piss off my friends & family who think of me as obsessed. I'm going to write in big: THE BEST 8 YEARS OF MY LIFE or something to that effect and do a huge collage of all things Whedonesque on my walls & ceiling. :)
OOO, Christopher. You've given me a GREAT christmas present idea for my best friend. I can make her a custom Buffy/Angel/Firefly poster! Just gotta figure out how to get it printed once I have it done onto one piece of large poster paper.
LOL, WilliamTheBloody! I'm sure you'll make it work. If anything, e-mail the people responsible for these wall posters & ask them how they've done it.
William - contact a printer about doing that. If you save it to a disk or a CD, they should be able to print it for you, to any size you need. Hope that helps.
Sure does Eliza, and I'm sure if my brain was working when I asked I would have realized that, LOL. Brain turns off when I'm at work, hehe.

Now I'll just have to go make that poster.

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