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April 21 2004

Sarah and Anthony reunion in London. "Cut to Leigh’s PoV: So then Sarah and Tony hugged and both had the BIGGEST smiles on their faces."

You can see the Sarah/Anthony picture at:

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That was a fun made me feel like I was there. I even teared up a bit at the description of Tony and Sarah hugging and the way she greated his kids. I recently read an article that was briefly posted here (but was quickly removed I'm assuming becuase it was a magazine scan) that was an interview with Tony and he was going on and on about SMG and his daughters and how much they love her and how she's like a big sister to them. It was quite sweet. So to then read the description of how they greeted each other made it seem all the more real.

I can only imagine being a teenager and having my father be a star in my favorite show and not only getting to meet the star but being close enough to her that she feels like family. That must've been so cool for them.

When I was a kid, Jamie Summers was my hero (the bionic woman) and then I grew up and Buffy Summers became my hero. I always thought that was funny that they had the same last name and were similarly built and colored. Maybe if they do a remake of the Bionic Woman, SMG can star in it!
Aw, that was a very sweet story. Thanks for sharing!
very nice, i enjoyed it. it seems like they were all really happy to see each other.
Nice to know that they enjoy seeing each other so much. hopefully the entire Buffy cast is this tight.
"You know, I always wondered about you two..."

Even Spike knew it. Watchers and their slayers belong together. Heh.
Thanks for the post, Kate. It was great to see them together. And as Alyson Hannigan was also in London's West End at the same time, does anyone know of any news of Sarah, Alyson and Tony meeting up?
You know blwessels...I always thought that Lindsay Wagner would of been a great Joyce Summers. I dunno...I think SMG resembles a young Lindsay Wagner. Don't get me wrong...LOVED Kristine...but Lindsay was always in the back of my head.

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Coll - I totally agree with you. There was something about SMGs portrayal of Buffy that made me think of Lindsey Wagner's portral of Jamie and they do look alike. But Kristine was wonderful as Joyce!
That was a nice report and I'm glad to read that Sarah and Tony have remained close (at least that's what it looks like).

In case some are interested, there's a clip of the UK SD2 premiere with Sarah, Seth etc. and the fans from at a French site. It shows Sarah signing for their group. ( Rumor has it that the owner of the site arranged for Sarah to sign for the SMGFan people at the US and UK premieres.

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